Marvin Gaye Death: What Was The Cause Of His Death?

Marvin Gaye Death: American artist Marvin Gaye, who rose to stardom with Motown Records, was shot and killed by his father, Marvin Gay Sr., on April 1, 1984, at their home in the Arlington Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, the day before his 45th birthday.

After intervening in an argument between his parents, Gaye got into a fight with his father and was shot twice. Upon his arrival at the emergency room of the California Hospital Medical Center, he was pronounced dead. After being charged with murder, Gaye’s father eventually pleaded no contest.

Throughout the years since Gaye’s passing, many musicians have paid tribute to his legacy through song, some of which have reflected on the events that ultimately led to his untimely demise. After his death, Gaye was cremated and his ashes were scattered across the Pacific Ocean from his burial place at Forest Lawn Cemetery.

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Marvin Gaye’s Relationship With His Father

Marvin Gaye entered this world in 1939. He was born in Washington, DC. There were three of his siblings, and his sister’s name was Zeola. Marvin Gaye’s connection with his father, Marvin Gay Sr., was problematic even as a child. As a preacher, Marvin Sr. was a strict disciplinarian who regularly reprimanded his children.

Because of his transgender lifestyle, he was also the tormentor of young Marvin in the area. In response to this and to allegations that he was homosexual, Marvin Gaye changed his surname to include a “e” after he became popular.

His father was likewise not a fan of Gaye’s music. Although Gaye and Marvin got along better after his song “What’s Going On” became a hit, they never reached a state of true concord.

Marvin Gaye Death: What Happened?

His father, Marvin Gay Sr., shot and killed his son, Marvin Gaye, on April 1, 1984, in their house in the West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. After getting into a fight with his father after breaking up a disagreement between his parents, the singer was shot twice.

Upon his arrival to the emergency room of the California Hospital Medical Center, he was pronounced dead. Following his passing, numerous musical compositions were written in his honor. After being cremated, his ashes were scattered across the Pacific Ocean from the burial ground granted to him at Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Why did Marvin Gaye’s father shoot him?

Marvin Gaye’s parents argued in the days leading up to his death because one of them couldn’t find the insurance policy letter. Gaye’s bedroom had become the scene of a fight the day before he passed away. Gaye became upset when his father, Marvin Sr., yelled at his mother.

At 12:30 p.m. on April 1, 1984, Marvin Sr. yelled at his wife about the paper. Marvin, still in his robe, called down to his father, telling him to come talk to him in person if he had anything to say. According to Alberta, Gaye allegedly warned Marvin Sr. not to enter his room when he initially declined.

Gaye jumped out of bed when his father stormed upstairs to the bedroom to yell at Alberta. The story goes that Gaye kicked and punched his father after shoving him out of the room after repeated orders to leave failed. To which Ritz replied, “Marvin hit him,” Alberta explained afterwards.

I begged him to stop, but he ignored me. My spouse took several good kicks from him. Minutes after they had been separated, Marvin Sr. had returned from his bedroom with a.38 handgun that his son had given him, pointed it at Gaye, and fired.

Alberta: “My husband rushed to the bedroom door brandishing a firearm when I was standing around eight feet away from Marvin.” My husband pointed the gun towards Marvin and didn’t even say a word. My shout was short and to the point. My husband fired, and Marvin let out a scream. It was an attempt at escape, but I failed. Following the initial gunshot, Marvin collapsed to the floor.

Did Marvin's Father Go To Jail
Did Marvin’s Father Go To Jail

Did Marvin’s Father Go To Jail?

After Marvin Gay S. was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the charges against him were reduced from first-degree murder to voluntary manslaughter. The singer’s son died of drug overdose, according to the autopsy.

Marvin Sr. ultimately received a six-year sentence with probation and no jail time. In 1998, he passed away in a nursing facility. The judge heard Marvin Sr. sob, “If I could bring him back, I would.” at the sentence hearing. Fear of him gripped me.

“I was scared I was going to get wounded. There was no way for me to predict what would occur. I sincerely apologize for all that has taken place. Despite our differences, I still loved him. I really hope he walks through this door soon. Right now, I’m the one who has to pay the price.

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