Apple May Skip Number 13 in Naming the Next iPhone for a Strange Reason

Apple is currently preparing to unveil the new generation of iPhone phones, which will take place next September as usual. This habit was broken previous year. As the iPhone 12 was revealed in October due to the circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Apple has adopted serial numbers for iPhones since the first iPhone. The new generation will be called the “iPhone 13”. But rumors have emerged that the Cupertino giant may avoid calling it by that name. This is because the number 13 is considered a “bad omen.”

According to the rumors circulating, there are now internal talks at Apple to discuss this matter. Although the idea may be strange and ironic, there is a strong belief about the number 13 in some cultures, and this myth has a really long life.

On the other hand, Apple, of course, did not confirm or deny this matter, and it continues to be treated as a rumor. But the importance surrounding the matter has increased after several sources took it up. On his FrontPage show, famous leaker Jon Prosser predicted that Apple might actually cross the number 13.

Phobia of Number 13 in Manufacturers

This condition is known as Triskaidekaphobia, a phobia- a pathological fear – of this number and anything related to it. This shows us that the reason may not be Apple’s own fear of device failure or the like.

Apple May Skip Number 13 in Naming the Next iPhone for a Strange Reason

Apple may abandon this numbering in the next generation of its phone to avoid the users themselves fearing this number, whatever the stage of this fear, whether real morbid fear, mere pessimism, hatred, or whatever, these reasons may prompt users not to buy the phone.

Apple Returns to the Old Name with the iPhone 12s.

Previously, Apple released versions with the same number in two consecutive years. This is what happened with phones such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, and even the latest iPhone X version. Which was followed by the release of the iPhone Xs next year for its launch.

Apple may resort to this label, especially since sources close to the company have stated that – and as usual – the new iPhone will come with minor changes compared to the current generation, which is a claimed reason that may make Apple stick to the old label on the one hand. And number 13 avoids the hated one, on the other hand.

What proves that many cultures really hate the number 13 is a survey conducted by a website. This has ended with a vote of about 75% of users who want the next iPhone to come with any name except the name “iPhone 13”!

Apple Used the Number 13 Before

Previously, Apple used the number 13 naturally in more than one product or service. For example, the iOS system was released naturally with the number 13 two years ago and the A13 Bionic chips used in the company’s latest phones! Except maybe why Apple needs to avoid number 13 in simple products like this!

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