Why Did Kim And Reggie Break Up? The Love That Once Bloomed Between Them

Why Did Kim And Reggie Break Up? Even though Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s split has dominated headlines, Kim was previously in a relationship that gained some notoriety from 2009 to 2010. Kim and Reggie Bush didn’t date for very long, but their relationship is still intriguing due to the rumors surrounding the “Kardashian curse,” which states that the family is doomed to break the hearts of any athlete they date.

Kim Kardashian has ended her marriage and is looking ahead to the future. You can’t help but wonder about her past relationships, especially with her very famous ex-boyfriend who played football professionally. If you want to know how Reggie Bush feels about Kim Kardashian after their breakup, then you need to keep reading.

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Why Did Kim And Reggie Break Up?

It was shocking to their fans when Kim And Reggie broke up. The couple broke up in 2009. It was learned from reliable sources that they were not part of any organization because they wanted to maintain their independence while pursuing their professional goals. They love each other and hope to make it work, a source told E!. 

The source went on to say that Bush was making strides in football and that Kardashian had started filming her fourth season of reality television. Showbiz Cheat claims that the inability of the two to spend time together was a major factor in the breakup. The attention that Kim Kardashian received eventually became too much for Bush to handle. Kim Kardashian has since tied the knot twice, once with Kris Humphries and once with Kanye West. She is also a mother of four young ones.

The Love That Once Bloomed Between Kim And Reggie

Before Kim was involved with Kanye West, she was with another man who treated her like she was the most beautiful woman on earth. She may have put her career first to maintain her image of glamour and success, but this may have cost her the opportunity to find love and the possibility of a fulfilling romantic relationship.

Born on March 2, 1985, former running back and current college football analyst Reginald Alfread Bush Jr. is best known for his work with Fox Sports. After starring on the gridiron for the University of Southern California Trojans, he was twice named an All-American and crowned the nation’s best college football player with the Heisman Trophy.

There has never been a better football player than him. In 2008, he was recognized as an All-Pro punt returner, and in 2010, he won Super Bowl XLIV. Also, he was honored with the Doak Walker and Walter Cramp awards. In the middle of the 2000s, he became popular among Kim. They say that dating athletes bring bad luck in the form of the Kardashian curse. 

Despite the breakup, Reggie was always cordial and considerate to Kim. But what exactly was the bargain that led to their separation? Reggie was asked about his relationship with the subject and recalled that he had picked up a few tabloids to read on the long train ride home after the first time he saw her. A picture of Paris Hilton prevented him from continuing his trip to New York to check out the university. 

Upon seeing a brunette carrying matching metallic Louis Vuitton totes, a paparazzi member exclaimed, “Who the Hell is that?! Reggie did not get the impression that this picture was trying to avoid him in any way. Many of Paris’s fellow It Girls were competing for the chance to work with her, or at least to be the next Nichole. 

But despite this, he still finds himself wondering what it was about Kim that first piqued his interest. Perhaps it’s her insatiable desire for attention that has helped her maintain her celebrity. Kim was the first to point out that success does not come easily to everyone, and she worked hard to establish her reputation as an authority in her field. 

The famous actress has been 100% correct in her life judgments. She has been successful thanks to her savvy business acumen, charming boyfriend, enduring brand, and, of course, her deadly scandalous selfies. She says in an interview that she was unsure of what she wanted to say or how to say it, but that she was still confident that her voice should be heard by the masses and out loud to the world.

Soon after her sex tape went public, she started dating NFL star Reggie Bush. In 2007, the reality star and the New Orleans Saints quarterback met at the ESPY Awards thanks to a mutual friend. The majority of Kim’s relationship with Reggie was documented on her reality show, so fans could assume the couple was head over heels in love and planning to get married. They took a lot of ribbing for their upcoming wedding.

Unfortunately, the couple’s relationship hit rough waters in 2009, when Kim’s career was taking off and Kang needed to devote more time to football. A year later, in 2010, the pair were spotted together again, shortly before breaking up once more. Reggie reportedly wasn’t ready to commit fully to marriage the second time around, despite Kim’s efforts to convince him otherwise.

She thought marriage was the natural progression of their relationship, and Reggie secretly didn’t want to wed her because he had other, more traditional expectations for a wife and mother. The two were reunited for a short time after Kim’s divorce from Humphrie, during which Bush offered his support to the distraught Kim.

Still, they eventually split up to wed their respective partners. One of the sources claims that the couple split up the first time because they were both too busy with their respective careers to devote adequate time to support the other. But the sources also mentioned that the Selfish’s notorious author with a skyrocketing success ladder to climb, it was her fame that stood in the way of those two.

Reggie was overwhelmed and eventually had to give up trying to keep up. She needed to generate ideas for her brand as she traveled the globe. The football player was completely overwhelmed. After the couple’s split, a sneak peeks from the Keeping Up with the Kardashians DVD was released. Kim implied that she would be willing to sacrifice her public profile for Reggie if that were the sole factor keeping them apart.

Meanwhile, she cried her eyes out during a photoshoot and told her mom she just wanted to cry all day. She has a sense that everything has come crashing down around her, and she is uninterested in pursuing a career because she believes it has already cost her Reggie.

In 2014, Reggie answered questions about the rumors swirling around him by telling ESPN that he believes everything that happens, happens for a reason and that he was highly exposed to the media when he started dating Kim. Some things started happening one after another. There were tabloids and other negative influences on the other side, but he says he’s glad he experienced them all because they shaped him into the person he is now.

And now, four years later, his relationship with Reggie has nothing but praise for Kim and her accomplishments. He admits he and Kim may not speak again, but that he is impressed by the life she has made for herself. He compliments her intelligence and the great things she has done for her business, herself, and her loved ones.

The Love That Once Bloomed Between Kim And Reggie
The Love That Once Bloomed Between Kim And Reggie

Kim, on the other hand, kept silent about Reggie after the breakup. She later married famous rapper Kanye West, while Bush wed Lilit Avagyan, who is a bit of a lookalike for Kim and is of Armenian descent in the same year they split up. Her family, husband, and children are the center of her universe, but she also finds inspiration in the spirit world and physical fitness.

Some people are lucky enough to get their wishes granted, as the adage goes. Jennifer Lawrence invited Kim to an interview, during which she asked Kim if she thought it was a coincidence that Reggie Bush’s wife looks like her. After a while, Kim said, “I knew this was going to be fun.”

Reggie also mentioned an incident that took place in Miami during their vacation as a reason for their breakup. Kim had been looking forward to the vacation as a chance to spend some quality time with Reggie. Kim, he said, was at ease in front of the camera while he was awkward.

Because most football players are uncomfortable in front of the camera, he did his best to avoid being broken up with by the paparazzi as often as possible so that he could be with Kim. He detailed his hectic work week, explaining that he put in anywhere from 14 to 16 hours per day, Monday through Saturday, just to keep up with everything. In the offseason, however, he was able to devote time to Kim doing things that made her happy.

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