Twitter Is Testing A New Status Feature To Make Tweeting Even More Embarrassing?

As part of its “status” feature, the social media platform is testing out a pre-set menu of “vibes” that can accompany each post. You may have ever thought, “I’m about to tweet, but that isn’t enough self-expression. Tell the world what I really think about this situation.” If this is the case, you may be in luck. As long as your true feelings align with the options in Twitter’s new status feature, which is currently in testing.

In a leak earlier this year, it was hinted that the concept would be implemented. We are testing a feature that allows you to add a status topic from a predetermined list to your Tweets to give your followers more context, Twitter said in a statement.

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“Your Tweets can better convey what you are up to, whether you are about to drop a hot Tweet thread, share your thoughts in the shower, or have a bad case of the Mondays.” Yikes/Cringe. There have been a lot of new features introduced by the social media platform recently that appear to have been poorly thought out. From tweets to Circles. However, status updates may be the most difficult to grasp.

Users can now post emojis and short phrases to their posts with this new feature. According to screenshots posted on the site, there are currently no custom statuses, but there are around 16 pre-set ones. You could, for example, use the “Case of the Mondays” status and send out tweets like “Ugh, more work deadlines” to evoke the atmosphere of a literal water cooler.

In other words, you could be even more outspoken about your “unpopular opinion.”
“Current status” is this writer’s personal favorite option, because it’s nondescript, unnecessary, and feels like a mistake. I don’t know what that means. Do we really need to explain that every tweet is a declaration of where we are right now?

The status feature, despite the fact that it’s not exactly Live Journal moods, feels like a throwback to the past. Back when AOL Instant Messenger statuses, away messages, and Myspace ruled the online roost. It’s refreshing in a way because it’s so old-fashioned. It’s no secret that Twitter and other social media platforms are doing everything they can to look like their current rivals (mostly TikTok).

Twitter Is Testing A New Status Feature
Twitter Is Testing A New Status Feature

If you want to move forward, why not take a look back? “Warning: Spoilers ahead.” If the status feature makes it past testing and into everyone’s feed, perhaps “Soon” we’ll all be “Living the dream” together.

“Anyone else feeling nervous about the collapse of modern society?” “Some personal news…” announcements, and questions like “Is anyone else worried about the collapse of modern society?” are all that Twitter is used for. Status can only convey so much information before it becomes redundant.

But enough of that. Test users’ tweets can have their own status update, which is shown below their handle and above the content of their tweet. In contrast to, say, Live Journal moods, a Twitter status lasts only as long as the tweet assigned to it and then vanishes into the internet mist.

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