The Republic of Sarah Season 1 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, Trailer

The CW announced some time back that a new show, “The Republic of Sarah Season 1” will be released, and they did not give any other details about it. But the show finally went on air in June. Here we are with all the details about the show. So, continue reading the article for more information regarding The Republic of Sarah Season 1. 

When was The Republic Of Sarah Released?

CBS was originally producing the series, but the show was passed on to CW due to some reasons.

The series created by Jeffrey Paul Kin went on air on June 14th. The show had started filming in 2020, but due to the outbreak of covid-19, the production had to be delayed. If it wasn’t for the virus, we could have gotten the show in early 2021.

The Republic of Sarah Season 1 Release Date

After the show’s first episode aired, the most frequently searched question was about its renewal. This also showed that despite a relatively new cast, the show did pretty well in viewership.

So to answer the question, we do not have any leads on this matter yet. Meaning that CW has not revealed whether they will be renewing the show or not.

As we know, CW compares the ratings of its shows and then decides to cancel or renew shows. The shows with better ratings are picked up for more seasons, whereas fewer ratings are dropped.

Moreover, the show hasn’t even been released completely. So we will have to wait till September when all 13 episodes are on the streaming site. Only then will CW decide its sequel.

However, if we look at The Republic of Sarah’s ratings, they are not that bad. Meaning a sequel is possible, but on one condition that the rating only goes up for the next few weeks. If, hopefully, this happens, then we will definitely be getting our favorite chaotic town back.

The Republic of Sarah Season 1

How Many Episodes did The Republic of Sarah Season 1 Have?

The series will have 13 episodes, a new episode dropping every week. Each episode lasts for around 45 to 50 minutes.

You can stream the show for free if you are a member of CW, but you can also buy/rent the TV show on Amazon Prime, Vudu, Google Play.

The Cast Members of The Republic Of Sarah

The Republic of Sarah was an acting debut for the lead actor, Stella Baker. It is a risky business to cast a new actor as the main character, but Jeffrey Paul Kin had faith in Stella’s skills and the exceptional storyline.

Before you watch the show, you must be familiar with the cast and crew. So we have made a list of all the actors and their characters. Here is it:

  • The main character Sarah Cooper is a rebellious high school teacher. Stella Baker plays her.
  • Luke Mitchel plays the character of Sarah’s brother, Danny Cooper.
  • You’ll see Hope Lauren in the character of Corrine Dearborn, Sarah’s colleague.
  • Nilla Holloway as a police officer, Amy Johnson.
  • Ian Duff plays the character of a diner manager, Grover Simms. 

Maya Jiminez, Bella Whitmore, and Tyler are some other important characters. There might be some new actors, too, but we will only get to know when the new episodes drop.

What is the Plot of The Republic of Sarah?

The new show’s plot is inarguably different from others; it does not focus on the typical teen rom-com drama; instead, it shows some rebellious teens and people in their twenties trying their best to save their hometown.

A mining company is about to take over the town, and the residents are not happy with it. Sarah, a school teacher, decided to launch a mission to save their hometown from getting demolished. She succeeds in declaring independence, but how will she build a country from scratch with so few resources?

This was the synopsis of the show. The story develops further in the upcoming episodes.

Is the New Show Worth Watching?

If you are looking for some cute teen stuff in the show, then you’ll be disappointed because the story is rather about the adults’ quest to save their town, Greylock.

50 minutes of Sarah trying to save her town per week is not a lot. So give the show a shot, and it might grow on you.

Where Can I Watch the Trailer for the Republic of Sarah Season 1?

YouTube! Several trailers of the Republic of Sarah are available there. The trailer will give you a brief idea of what you are getting yourself into.

That was all about the new CW show The Republic of Sarah. If you wish to be updated about the new upcoming shows, check out our other articles.

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