The L Word: Generation Q season 2 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, trailer

It is confirmed that L Word: Generation Q Season 2 is coming out. And just like all the fans, we are also going gaga over this news.

The new clip dropped on Twitter, and Film Twitter had a field day with it. The clip was a sort of teaser; it hinted at the multiple storylines that season 2 would have, and spoiler alert, each one of them is very juicy.

However, the information about the second season is very scattered, so we decided to do some research, and here is everything that you need to know about the new season, all compiled in one place.

Grab your popcorn as the information down below is very interesting!  

When will The L Word: Generation Q season 2 Release?

The second season of the critically acclaimed show is going to hit screens on 8th August. This was confirmed through a tweet on the show’s official Twitter account.

Where Can I Stream the New Season?

The show is not available on Netflix, but no worries because there are other streaming services too!

If you want to stream the new season for free, you can watch it on Hulu. However, if you are a Showtime subscriber, you can watch the new season 3 days before the official release, on 8th August.

If you wish to buy the new season, it is also available on Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, or Vudu.

Are There AnyCast Changes For the Second Installment of The L Word?

Thankfully, there are no changes in the cast members. Neither did the social media accounts of the show tweeted anything about new cast members.

This means that we will see the same faces again but who knows what the show holds for us. There might be some new actors or guest stars. But to know this, we will have to wait till August 11th arrives.

The L Word: Generation Q season 2

The old cast members include; Sepideh Moafi as Gigi, Jordan Hull as Angie, Sophia Giannamore as Jordi, Lex Scott Davis as Quiara, and many more. Moreover, the second installment is also produced by the same team.

It is a long wait, but hopefully, it will be worth it.

What is The Plot of the Second Season?

For those who don’t know, The show L Word: Generation Q is actually a reboot of the show, The L Word that first premiered in 2004 and ended in 2009.

The show, set in LA,  is based on queer people’s love and professional lives. It is centered around characters who all identity as homosexuals; the main three characters include Bette, Alice, and Shane. The show successfully attracted a broad audience; the reboot, which was supposed to be for the original show’s audience, somehow attracted Gen-Z’s attention.

Here is a short recap for you on the first season, but we will advise you to skip this paragraph if you have not watched it yet.

Season 1 of The L Word ended with Dani convincing Sophie to run away with her, to which she actually agrees, but the plot twist comes when Sophie hooks up with Finley. So this forms a love triangle. Now the question arises, what will happen to the three of them. Guess we will find out when the second installment releases.

Season 2 will resume from where things ended. Perhaps at an airport where Sophie will decide choosing whom she wants to be with. Too much suspense here.

Things were not too good for Bette in season 1 as. First, she had to see her ex (who happens to be the mother of her daughter) getting re-married, then secondly. She lost the election for mayor of Los Angeles. So hopefully, we will see her life getting back on track in the second season.

Gigi, who was in a ”throuple” in season 1, will be doing more experiments with her life in season 2 until she is sure of what she wants in her life.

There will also be a school dance, which means things will get serious between Angie (Bette’s teen daughter) and Jordi (Sophie Giannamore, a trans-actor who plays her character).

Season 2 will contain a lot of teen drama, and not just normal drama but queer drama. If you can not wait for season2, don’t be embarrassed, as we all are in the same boat.

How Many Episodes Will Be There in the Second Season?

Insiders have reported that the show’s second installment will be having 10 episodes. The episodes are fewer, but the content won’t disappoint because each episode is full of juicy content. It contains crazy plot twists in all of the character’s lives.

Is There Any Official Trailer for The L Word: Generation Q Season 2?

Yes, indeed, there is a trailer on the official YouTube page of the show. The trailer shows almost every character and a glimpse into their lives, which was pretty overwhelming for fans to see. 

We hope that this article helped you in catching on to all the details about The L Word. Got more questions? Let us know.

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