In Mallorca, Sophie Neuendorf’s Minimalist Residence, She Married The Count Of Teba While Wearing A Tiara

Three years ago, Jaime, the Count of Teba and Count of Baos, resided in Madrid while Sophie Neuendorf resided in London. But fate intervened one evening, and the two ended up together at a party in Germany. After they started talking, Jaime almost quickly got Sophie to chuckle.

According to Sophie, “One of the things that drew me most was his sense of humour and joie de vivre.” He concurrently displayed his generosity and humour on Christmas Day in 2021 when he proposed to Sophie as “Jingle Bell Rock” was playing.

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Sophie Neuendorf, a vice president at the website ArtNet, which her father Hans Neuendorf started as a source for art news and market information, has always known she wants to wed there in Mallorca. Claudio Silvestrin and John Pawson, two legendary minimalist architects who collaborated briefly in the late 1980s, completed it as one of their few projects.

(Pawson later created interiors for well-known brands like Calvin Klein and Silvestrin for Armani.) Three decades ago, Hans, a gallerist at the time, hired the duo to construct a summer residence for his family on 30 acres. Since then, people in the art and architecture communities have treated the residence with cult-like zeal.

Particularly intriguing? The atrium courtyard is “emphatically vertical, the exaggerated height of the walls accentuated by the narrowness of the slot opening,” according to John Pawson’s firm.

The architecturally notable residence is located on a lovely estate that is close to the ocean and surrounded by olive and almond trees, according to Sophie. The first weekend in September, when the Balearic island is at its most beautiful, was chosen by the couple as the wedding day.

The majority of the preparation was done by Sophie, her mother, and her maid-of-honour. “My mother was my closest confidant during this process and it was so nice sharing this happy time with her,” says Sophie.

The Falcao Uno, a classic boat built in 1965 for the Belgian royal family, took guests on a tour of the island on Friday. After the guests swam in the Mediterranean Sea, a seafood paella lunch was provided on board. The pair wed in a small civil ceremony on Saturday afternoon in the atrium of Neuendorf House, which was then followed by a champagne brunch.

“Being with my father shortly before the ceremony, for a few last words, was one of the most special moments for me, which I will always remember and keep close,” she says. “And when my father led me to my future spouse via the famous opening in the wall of our home.”

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