Cynthia Bailey Marriage: What Did Mike Hill Shares An Update On His Marital Issues With Her?

Cynthia Bailey Marriage: Leading authority has learnt that former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Cynthia Bailey’s marriage to husband Mike Hill is reportedly on the rocks after the couple celebrated their second anniversary without making any public announcements.

It’s been two years today since the happy couple tied the knot at the Governors Towne Club in Acworth, Georgia, in the presence of 250 people (including family and friends and her coworkers in the industry).

Bailey and Peter Thomas had been divorced since 2017 before the wedding. Many of her fans now believe she is once again available for dating, even though this is not confirmed.

“Have Cynthia and Mike officially broken up, guys? In other words, she has changed her Instagram handle from “Cynthia Bailey-Hill” to “Cy “On October 10, a Twitter user noticed that the celebrity wasn’t wearing his wedding band in a recent Instagram Story.

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Mike Hill Admits They Have Had Some Arguments

Couples frequently argue, and this is to be expected. Therefore, it wasn’t shocking when the sportscaster revealed that he and his new bride had a heated argument. He said as much in an interview with the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast, explaining that the dispute began on their wedding anniversary.

“On Sunday we celebrated our anniversary, and then I had Monday off, only to have to go back to work on Tuesday. To be more specific, “we stayed in town and went to this fantastic hotel that’s in town in West Hollywood and essentially just chilled, went to dinner, and enjoyed one other’s company,” he recalled.

But because we are also extremely open and honest, I will add, “Yeah we quarrel, and I’m going to tell you right now that Sunday was amazing that Monday, I was like, ‘We might not make it to year two.'” It was merely a coincidence, therefore I don’t think it’s necessary to delve into our business at length. Simply put, we misunderstood each other. Quite sometimes, all that’s needed is some dialogue.

Mike Hill And Cynthia Bailey Faced Cheating Rumors

A lady said Hill had sent her naked photos and videos via social media in November of last year. Hill flatly dismissed the woman’s claims. While being followed by TMZ through an airport, both Hill and Bailey gave interviews about the affair.

The accusation was “not true,” according to Hill, 51. Bailey confirmed her husband’s story, calling the ordeal “extremely irritating. Hill continued, “We’re great… rumour is all it is.”

The sportscaster stated unequivocally that he would seek legal action against the woman if she persisted with her charges. It will be handled properly, he promised. Hill added that he has “no idea who it is” and is praying for the woman to “get help.”

Cynthia Bailey Was Scarred By Her Divorce

When Cynthia Bailey was a cast member of “RHOA,” she frequently spoke up about her romantic experiences. She once said that she had been engaged five times, but that all of the engagements had failed. When she met Peter Thomas, however, the story shifted and they got married on the show.

Mike Hill And Cynthia Bailey Faced Cheating Rumors
Mike Hill And Cynthia Bailey Faced Cheating Rumors

The marriage suffered from Thomas’s infidelity, unfortunately. It caused distance between them and ultimately destroyed their love for one another. Bailey filed for divorce from his wife in 2016. The couple’s marriage was plagued by financial problems.

Bailey got back into the dating scene after her divorce but had no plans to tie the knot again. Since her first marriage ended in tragedy, she prefers to be on her own.

Mike Hill Changed Cynthia Bailey’s Idea Of Marriage

A few months after her divorce, Bailey met Hill on a dating segment of “The Steve Harvey Show.” Bailey was initially against going with Hill, but Harvey managed to change her mind. Because of this, Bailey developed intense feelings for Hill. She changed her mind after making the initial decision and began considering getting married to Hill.

When I think of getting married again, it’s not to Mike. It evolved into “Should I marry Mike?” “Mike is – he feels right to me,” the former supermodel told ESSENCE in 2019. “He’s his person; he’s a whole human being, and so am I; we’re both whole human beings, and we get along fine when we’re together.”

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