SNL’s Original “Chappelle’s Show” Characters Interact With “House of the Dragon”

Rick James, Silky Johnson, and Tyrone Biggums are now considered “Game of Thrones” canon. For a very special “House of the Dragon” comedy on “Saturday Night Live,” the original “Chappelle’s Show” characters were brought back to life.

Three characters from Dave Chappelle’s sketch series, which aired on Comedy Central from 2003 to 2006, were brought back by the returning host. After his 15-minute opening monologue mocking Kanye West for his antisemitic remarks, similar to his show, Chappelle returned and set up this pre-recorded film.

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Are any viewers of the new television program “House of the Dragon” here? With a microphone in hand, Chappelle questioned the audience. I adore their new program and am the biggest ‘Game of Thrones fan. And I have to say, I appreciate the inclusion of Black characters.

But to be completely honest, the Black characters kind of pull me out of it. It’s the old-fashioned accents and golden hair. Where are these individuals from? It’s a little startling. Then he set up the SNL “House of the Dragon” comedy, which featured references to “Chappelle’s Show.” Silky Johnson, who was reunited with Donnell Rawlings from the original cast, comes first.

Following that, Chappelle appeared as Tyrone Biggums and Rick James, who was wearing a Targaryen blonde wig. Ice-T made a brief appearance as “Larry Targaryen” as well. James, Johnson, and Biggums flew off on the backs of dragons as the short sketch came to a finish, with James kicking his feet all over the saddle and shouting his catchphrase into the sky.

Chappelle has previously returned his older characters to “SNL” several times. In 2016, the comedian used various “Chappelle’s Show” personas to mimic “The Walking Dead.” View the entire footage below.

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