Chris Rock’s First Ever Streaming Live Special On Netflix

Early in 2023, the historical Netflix special will debut. Chris Rock will set a new precedent as the first performer to give a live Netflix performance. The renowned comedian, actor, filmmaker, and writer will be the first artist to ever perform live on Netflix during the company’s first-ever live event, Netflix said today.

Additional information will be released at a later time. The comedy special is scheduled to stream globally in early 2023. In a public announcement, Netflix Vice President of Stand-up & Comedy Formats Robbie Praw announced the upcoming special.

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Chris Rock’s second Netflix stand-up special will be presented live. His debut film, titled Chris Rock: Tamborine, made a splash upon release in February 2018. The comedy special, which Bo Burnham directed, was well-received and scored a highly unusual 100% on RottenTomatoes.

Additionally, it was suggested that Rock would speak about his infamous slap fight with Will Smith, for which Smith later apologized, at the 2022 Oscars. Rock told Deadline that although he is now engaged with his Ego Death tour, he would discuss his Oscars experience in greater detail on Netflix.

People expect me to discuss the nonsense, but I won’t do it at this time. I’ll discuss it later, on Netflix. It is unknown if Rock will talk about the incident and its consequences in this special or a future special. Rock has mainly refrained from talking about the slap in public while being aware that people are dying to hear what he has to say about it.

Additionally, he recently declined a request to host the Oscars, equating it to Nicole Brown Simpson being told to “go back to the restaurant” where she left a pair of glasses the night she was killed. After Netflix disclosed that they are experimenting with live technologies and gauging viewer interest in live performances, Chris Rock’s upcoming live comedy special was announced.

Netflix is a market leader in comedy, and although having successfully presented live in-person events, the streamer has no prior experience with live broadcasting on the website. It’s a joke, Netflix. The Festival was the largest in-person, live event ever hosted by Netflix.

More than 330 comedians performed 295 shows during the event, which took place in Spring 2022 all across Los Angeles. The event brought in more than $5.95 million thanks to the sale of more than 260,000 tickets. Rock’s upcoming special will stream in early 2023 but does not yet have a name. Watch this space for further details.

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