Shay Mooney Weight Loss Lost 50 Pounds ‘I’ve Literally Never Felt Better’

Shay Mooney, a member of the band Dan + Shay, has shed over 50 pounds and is flaunting his new physique on Instagram. On Thursday, Mooney thanked his followers on Instagram for their encouraging comments on recent posts in a letter to his followers.

In several remarks, fans and other country music musicians have praised him for his accomplishment and his switch to a healthy lifestyle. In addition to striving to reduce weight during the past several months, he also changed his lifestyle to lead a healthier existence, which he continued to describe to his admirers.

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Mooney posted his Instagram story, “Been a little over five months, I believe, and I’m down almost 50lbs.” “For those curious: eating healthily, abstaining from alcohol, and walking 7 miles daily. Additional weights. I’m done now!”

Mooney also shared a picture of himself and his oldest son Asher on his Instagram, along with the remark, “life gets better every day.” Morgan Wallen, Chris Lane, and Tyler Rich—all other country musicians—showered him with admiration and offered their congratulations on his accomplishments.

Rich commented, “looking lean brother,” Wallen wrote, “dude done got skinny on em!!!,” and Lane added a fire emoji. Hudson Moore, a singer, added a comment with the words “looking lean and mean, my buddy” and a fire emoji. Mooney’s sister also joined in on the fun, writing, “Look at those lovely boys,” along with a heart emoji.

Mooney claimed in his Instagram story post that he has felt better overall, not just physically, after adjusting to his lifestyle. Then he urged all his followers who desired change in their life to interpret his tweet as a signal that it was time for them to make the initial move.

I’ve never felt better physically, intellectually, or spiritually, he added, “I entirely transformed my lifestyle.” “If you’re seeking a sign… adore you all.” Just a few months after learning that he and his wife Hannah Billingsley are expecting their third child, he is celebrating his new healthier lifestyle.

They gave their fans the news by posting an Instagram video of them telling their children the good news. When Billingsley and Mooney ask their sons in the video if they want a baby sister or a baby brother, they learn they prefer a sister.

The two boys became less pleased when Mooney and Billingsley were informed that they would each have a baby brother. The new kid will join Asher, 5, and Ames Alexander, 2, both boys.

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