Matt Lucas Weight Loss: How Many Pounds He Has Reduced?

Matt Lucas, star of The Great British Baking Show, discusses his massive weight loss. The comedian, now 48 years old, opened up about his choice to alter his lifestyle and slim down during the COVID-19 outbreak on the Mid Point podcast with Gabby Logan.

He explained, “My dad died when he was 52, very unexpectedly,” and said that his grandfather had also died at a relatively young age (56). Lucas added, “I was looking at the law of averages here,” indicating that the ages were frighteningly near his own.

Little Britain’s star and the author continued, “Throughout the epidemic, I had grown to enormous proportions. I’ve been kind of lazy lately, not doing much than eating and watching TV. Eventually, I got too huge to be depicted well on TV.”

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Matt Lucas Weight Loss

The celebrity said the outbreak inspired him to get in shape when he appeared on ITV’s Lorraine last year. Lorraine Kelly wanted to know, “How on Earth, though, have you been in lockdown and working on Bake Off, and you’ve dropped tons of weight?”

In an interview with Lorraine Kelly, he stated: “While in isolation, I overate and found that losing weight would help ease my anxiety. I’m not completely flat-bellied just yet. I’m no skinny minny.” After that, the comic continued: “Since I’ve gained a few pounds, my current goal is to get in better shape by increasing my activity level.

“When I go out, I may have to make a game out of moving around other people so as not to impede their progress. Since I do not have a garden, I must devise another method.” Sugar tweeted earlier in August, “Wow, @RealMattLucas has shed so much weight,” so it seems Matt is making good progress.

Following this tweet a day later, Matt said: “Thanks. After I had already ballooned to an unnatural size, I entered a huge white tent and devoured much of the cake. “The moment I saw myself on television and thought, “I can barely fit on the screen,” I knew I had to make a change. That being said, I just finished eating a pot noodle.”

How Did Matt Lucas Lose Weight?

Matt has previously mentioned that he shares a house with a personal trainer through an Instagram video. A personal trainer extraordinaire, his roommate Jamie was praised by him. Jamie Barnard, his PT roommate, runs a business called Positive Mind Personal Training, which promotes a healthy lifestyle and its ameliorating effects on mental health.

How Did Matt Lucas Lose Weight?
How Did Matt Lucas Lose Weight?

Jamie writes on his website, “It has been scientifically proved that physical exercise boosts our state of mind, reduces worry, and stress, elevates mood, and promotes self-esteem.” “I am here to assist you to commit to making the change to enhance your overall wellness if you are stressed due to external circumstances or if, like me, you deal with mental illness.”

Furthermore, Matt had lost weight before, as he revealed to The Guardian in 2009 after a health concern. To the newspaper, he declared, “I’ve lost a couple of stones, and I need to lose some more. It just took two months, and it was all gone.

If I’m not careful, my doctor said, I’ll give myself diabetes. During this time, Matt must adhere to a 1,500-calorie diet. One woman’s nasty thin-shimmed comedian stands out among the largely favourable reactions to Matt’s miraculous makeover.

Matt tweeted in April, “Shout out to the lady who stopped me at football today to ask me why I’ve lost weight and to inform me I look a lot older.” I suppose I’ve been thin-shamed for the first time in my life.

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