Ray Buffer Net Worth: How Much He Has Been Accused Of Stealing Wealth Of Comic Books?

Ray Buffer is a very wealthy American actor, singer, director, and producer. His most notable roles are bit parts in movies like Bullet Train and American Gigolo and TV shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Buffer spent his formative years in sunny South Florida and went on to study musical theatre at the collegiate level. He began his career as a singer and actor with opera companies, regional Equity theatres, and orchestras when he was just 13 years old.

After finishing college, he uprooted to Central Florida, where he has since served as producer, director, and/or musical director for a wide variety of stage productions across the state.

Now based in Southern California, Buffer maintains a hectic schedule as a concert soloist (bass-baritone) and voice-over actor in addition to his work in television, film, and theatre.

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Ray Buffer Early Life

On September 2, 1969, Ray Buffer entered the world in Greenacres, Florida. His adoptive parents, Delana Hawks (a housekeeper) and Raymond Ernest Buffer Sr. (a landscape designer) took him in when he was just 29 days old.

He finally tracked down Patricia (Levak) Odell, his biological mother, in 2003 after years of looking. Since finding his birth mother again, he has been reunited with his maternal relations. At a young age, Buffer realized the importance of music in his life and began studying the violin. When he was a senior in high school, he developed an unhealthy fixation on the stage.

At John I. Leonard High School in Lake Worth, Florida, Buffer performed in plays, sang in jazz choirs, and played the viola, piano, and string bass. In 1988 he enrolled at Palm Beach State College, and four years later he graduated with a BFA in musical theatre from Florida Atlantic University.

What exactly is it that Ray Buffer is being accused of?

Buffer is suspected of stealing comic books worth hundreds of dollars from a store in San Diego. Southern California Comics in San Diego was the first to claim the video of him stuffing his shirt last week.

After alleging in a negative post the following day that the items were worth more than $600, the merchant formally reported the incident to the SDPD the day after.

Workers have since given police footage of Buffer allegedly carrying the books, as well as other evidence. The store posted a video earlier in the week showing an employee caught in the act at a previous incident at a Los Angeles comic shop, in addition to the video of Buffer’s claimed boost from the previous week.

Malik confronts Buffer in the video, implying that he was filming Buffer while the latter was doing the same technique in Bellflower’s Metropolis comics. The buffer returned the comic books and departed after the shopkeeper threatened to contact the police. She said the store’s owners were pestering her, so she promptly deactivated her accounts.

Ray Buffer Career

Through the 1990s, Buffer was active in the theatrical industry as a producer, director, and actor in regional and dinner theatre. Buffer left Orlando, Florida in 1999 for Huntington Beach, California after performing in a wide variety of theatres and amusement parks across the country.

His first feature-length documentary, Rats & Bullies, was co-produced and directed by the two of them, and it was about the bullying that led to the death of Dawn-Marie Wesley in Mission, British Columbia, Canada.

After the film’s success at festivals, the director gave a series of speeches at universities and community centres around the United States and Canada. While also touring the United States with the Mantovani Orchestra, he performed the part of Stage Manager Darrell in the Emmy-winning HBO comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm in 2004.

Ray Buffer Career
Ray Buffer Career

After Buffer left his position as general manager of Long Beach Opera in 2007, he founded the musical theatre company The Relevant Stage in San Pedro, California, which ran from 2007 to 2011. In 2014, Buffer and his business partner Jonas Sills established a new theatre company called Art-In-Relation.

The corporation has its roots in Long Beach, although nowadays most of its production takes place in Los Angeles and Hollywood. Buffer is still active in the entertainment industry, be it on screen, on stage, or in the musical realm. He has had small roles in films including Bullet Train, American Gigolo, and Russian Thug.

Ray Buffer’s Net Worth

The expected market value for Ray Buffers in 2022 is $700.000. The bulk of his wealth comes from acting gigs in films and on TV, as well as endorsement deals and royalties from his music videos. Santa Claus is on contract and a freelance graphic designer: that’s Buffer.

He’s also put money into the theatre and music industry, where he stands to make thousands of dollars every concert or stage performance, in addition to his faltering acting career. His current address in California is Long Beach, and he is represented by Jacqueline Stander of The Stander Group, who also serves as his agent. His management company is Clayton Music Management (CMM).

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