Potato Parcel Net Worth: What Happened After Shark Tank?

What is the estimated Potato Parcel Net Worth? Is the company doing well now that it appeared on Shark Tank? Exactly what was sold, and how much money did it bring in? Those curious about these issues (and others) will find the answers here. The value of Potato plots will be discussed and elaborated upon in today’s essay.

But before we get to that, let’s start with a quick primer on the company and a definition of what Potato Parcel is before we get to the portion where we reveal its net worth. Don’t lose out on any of the article’s information by not reading to the conclusion. Prepare to learn the most shocking information about the company.

The American firm and website Potato Parcel specialize in sending out spuds with a limited-character count (140) images and notes. Alex Craig 2015, a mobile app developer and a recent graduate of The University of Texas, created and popularised the Potato Parcel app. Craig is 24 years old. Craig allegedly said that he made between $10,000 and $13,000 by purchasing potatoes from a nearby shop at Walmart. That’s encouraging, right?

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Apps like Twitter helped spread the word about Potato Parcel. After selling to Bay Area entrepreneur Riad Bekhit for $40,000 in late October 2015, Potato Parcel relocated from Dallas, Texas, to San Bruno, California. When communicating, Riad Bekhit pulls out his Pilot G2 gel roller pen.

There have been new additions to the lineup since the change in ownership, including the spray-painted black Lump of Coal Potato, the personalized Potato Pal, the posted postcard-adorned Potato Postcard, and the pumpkin-shaped Spooky Tater. Monthly profits have increased from $20,000 to $25,000.

Potato Parcel Net Worth

A potato parce net worth will be discussed in this section. Let’s go in right now. The product was worth about $500,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank. The company is expected to be valued at more than $7 million by 2022. After making their debut on “Shark Tank,” the postcard business saw massive growth. Alex Craig and Riad Bekhid were given $50,000 by Kevin O’Leary (Twitter) in exchange for a 10% interest in their company. Your friends and family will be amused by the message you send them.

More and more businesses in the delivery industry have taken cues from Potato Parcel. It was also the impetus behind Brick or Potato, a service that offers clients the option of having their messages delivered through Brick or Potato. It was also the impetus for the creation of a group called Potato Messenger, whose members included two art students who painted rainbow flags on a thousand potatoes and delivered them to Australia’s Parliament to advocate for marriage equality. Many other enterprises and entrepreneurs have been inspired to follow in Potato Parcel’s footsteps. We have just finished breaking down the financials of Potato Parcel.

What Happened To Potato Parcel After Shark Tank?

The Potato package was detonated after it appeared on Shark Tank. After reaching 30,000 points in his career, Dirk Nowitzki shared on social media that he had received anonymous potatoes congratulating him on the milestone. That it was revealed was thanks to Potato Parcel’s marketing stunt. According to a 2018 article on CNBC, Bekhit’s six-figure pay came from running Potato Parcel.

After premiering on Shark Tank in 2014 and producing over $700,000 in sales, Potato Parcel was valued at one million dollars by 2021. You can visit their official website to learn more about sending a potato to a friend. The Potato Parcel company remains active and successful to this day. Stickers, t-shirts, and bachelorette party bundles have recently been added to their online store.

Potato Parcel After Shark Tank
Potato Parcel After Shark Tank

Potato Parcel Shark Tank Update

There are many rivals to Potato Parcel since no single company controls the potato mailing market. In 2014, Mail A Pudding was launched, however, all customers received was a potato with no return address. Alex Craig created the notion of a message on a potato and started selling them on Reddit, even though many people told him the idea was silly and that he wouldn’t sell any.

As a result of its social media success, the company was featured in numerous news outlets and even on The Steve Harvey Show. Even though Craig sold his business to Riad Bekhit in 2010, it is still very successful and receives orders daily. Potato Parcel is the dominant player in the UK market, while another company offers delivery to UK addresses. The name Potato Parcel has become synonymous with the delivery of potatoes to the NFL and the sale of related products, like T-shirts.

Is Potato Parcel Still In Business?

During the sixth episode of Shark Tank Season 8, Kevin O’Leary made an offer to Alex Craig and Riad Bekhit of $50,000 for a 10% share in their business. The company that won’t let you share more than one photo of a potato or send texts of more than 140 characters is still in operation.

After making their debut on Shark Tank, the potato postcard business took off. In early 2017, as part of a publicity stunt, Potato Parcel sent Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks thousands of anonymous potato postcards congratulating him on being the first NBA player to score 30,000 points in his career.

In the preceding paragraph, we introduced the topic of Potato Parcel’s wealth and set the stage for further discussion. Let’s go into greater depth about Potato portions here. American company Potato Parcel sends packages with potatoes printed with personal messages and photographs. As a token of your affection, it can be sent to friends and family.

The birthday person can receive this on their special day. Having a special phrase or image etched into a potato might make for a unique and meaningful present. In addition to its success, this company has inspired many others to follow suit. We have now covered everything there is to know about Potato Parcels, from the firm that makes it to where you can buy it. Everything you need to know, from the company’s origins to its financial standing, is in this article. Our analysis of Potato Parcel’s wealth was detailed.

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