Salad Sling Net Worth: What Happened To It Before And After Shark Tank?

The salad sling, an alternative to the salad spinner, is a towel with a super-absorbent microfiber and waterproof liner. In Episode 21 of Season 12 of Shark Tank, the product’s creator, “Jill Visit,” pitched her idea to the investors and requested $100,000 in exchange for 20% ownership. Greens can be dried quickly and easily with the help of a salad sling.

While the processing time is minimal, drying off with a salad spinner can take several minutes. Many folks are making a salad but don’t have much time because they have many other responsibilities. Salad requires a lengthy process to dry the green leaves. The time constraint has inspired the development of this salad sling.

What Is Salad Sling Net Worth?

This firm was valued at $500,000 and had to go on Shark Tank to raise capital. It has been estimated that Salad Sling has a net worth of $310,000.

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Who Created The First Salad Sling?

Salad Sling was started by and is currently led by Jill Wiess. Launched in January 2017, it is available now. Jill earned a bachelor’s degree in advertising from UT Austin. After finishing her education, she worked for several advertising agencies. For two years, she led WorldStrides’ creative department as its head.

In February 2018, she launched Jill Visit Design, a consulting firm that provides design and branding services to businesses. She started working at the United States’ first carbon-neutral food company in January 2022.


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Salad Sling Before Shark Tank

After some preliminary testing with a salad spinner, founder Jill Visit released The Salad Sling in January 2017. This innovation happened by chance. Jill is a working mother. She made salads for her kids but doesn’t like using salad spinners. As a result, her salads are now covered with a dish towel.

Jill’s family thought it would be a great business idea when they saw her drying her green salad with a dish towel. It was in that setting that the idea for the salad sling was conceived. She then created the initial version of her prototype. Jill had a keen eye for aesthetics, which she used to create a top-notch designs. The Mirloco salad sling firm was founded after the invention was developed.

She created a website and began marketing the product online through social media to generate sales. It only took a few years before it was allowed to sell its wares on Amazon. Since Amazon serves customers worldwide, Jill undoubtedly received a more favorable order.

What Happened To Salad Sling At The Shark Tank Pitch?

Prices for a single Salad Sling are $19.99, with a two-pack going for $37.99. Salad Slings are available on both the official brand site and on Amazon. Owner of Salad Sling Jill Visit tried out for the show ‘Shark Tank’ in the hopes of getting investment money from the show’s namesake panel of business investors.

She first requested $100,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in the company, indicating a valuation of $500,000. While she is telling her story, the Sharks analyze their samples’ data. The instructions are simple: place the cleaned greens in the center, grasp the four corners, and swing it around for 10 to 15 seconds.

If the leaves are still damp, flip the sling over and repeat the process. Robert throws a bunch of lettuce leaves about the recording space. The Sharks agree that the product is fun and would make a wonderful one-time present. They believe her strength lies in her great idea for a product rather than her business acumen.

What Happened To Salad Sling At The Shark Tank Pitch?
What Happened To Salad Sling At The Shark Tank Pitch?

Though they admitted they might buy Salad Sling if available, the Sharks ultimately decided against investing because they thought it would be too challenging to alter consumer behavior in such a niche sector. Jill left the Shark Tank without making a deal with any investors.

How Was Salad Sling’s Presentation On “Shark Tank?”

Jill Visit, the founder of Salad Sling, went on Shark Tank and asked for $100,000 in exchange for 20% ownership. Shark had a great time watching her do a demonstration of the goods. The wholesale price of this item is $19.9. However, the landed cost is only $7.58.

In February 2019, this item went on sale. The previous year, she had sold 2,200 units, and so far this year, she has sold 200. They have made $49,000 in sales thus far. Jill has poured $60,000 into this venture so far. No sharks showed interest in investing in Jill’s firm. Thus she was left without funding.

What Happened To Salad Sling After Shark Tank?

Kevin was not interested in investing in Salad Sling when he saw it on Shark Tank. Kevin advised that you shouldn’t put money into this. The sales report, which Jill has yet to publish, is focused on. However, if we’re talking about the TV show Shark Tank, most of the business sales boost happened after the episode aired.

We anticipate increased demand for this salad sling for the next few months compared to the previous year. Exactly one year and one day after appearing on Shark Tank, on April 18, 2021, she posted a message to Instagram that she had revealed.


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