Oprah’s “Favorite Things” List 2022 Cost From $16 To $900

As we quickly enter November, influencers and celebrities are bringing up the upcoming holiday season, and Oprah Winfrey’s “Favorite Things” list is now available for public access.

The television host and wealthy businessman have a wide variety of products, with prices ranging from $16 to $900. Oprah organizes her content into categories to make it simple for customers to shop. For Oprah Daily, Oprah selected 104 products from both well-known stores and independent sellers.

A focus on “family-run, local makers, BIPOC [Black, Indigenous, People of Color] – and woman-founded” businesses was what she stated she wanted to emphasize. Here’s sample of  Oprah Winfrey’s “Favorite Things” list, what the 68-year-old is currently enjoying.

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Regarding attire and accessories, Oprah is renowned for her distinctive, attention-grabbing eyewear. The Peepers by PeeperSpecs Take a Bow Readers, which sell for $29, are among her favourite things. According to Oprah, the product “I frequently choose my glasses to go with my wardrobe, and these are great.

The oversized frame with a tortoise on top and colour on the bottom will compliment most faces when used as readers or to block the blue light from your electronics. You might want to buy yourself a pair as they are only $29 each.”

The most costly item of apparel on the list is a Rivet Utility women’s jumpsuit, also known as a onesie. Oprah claims it costs $295 at retail “My everyday outfit for work, travel, and living is a jumpsuit. This Los Angeles-based company’s jumpsuits are probably the most I own.

The softest French terry was used to create this one. It zips up and down, making toilet breaks simple.” Moving on to the various appliances, Oprah chooses the De’Longhi Magnifica Evo Espresso Machine since she does not cut corners with her coffee maker. “Latte? Cappuccino? Macchiato? This device is like having a personal barista at home with you for whatever takes your fancy, “She writes about the $900 item.

Pizza ovens are currently very popular, and Oprah also suggests a costly option in this category, the $700 Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven. “You may use this pizza oven to make restaurant-quality pizzas in the convenience of your garden. You may either utilize the wood-burning setting or attach it to the gas burner, “she claims.

Oprah advises taking a bubble bath to enjoy a relaxing evening at home. Oprah says this item is on her list again: “Because the extra-large glass bottles are so exquisite, I’ve chosen Margot Elena’s bubble baths a few times. The aromas of the blends this year include rose hip and lavender, green tea and neroli, and grapefruit and neroli.” They were $42.00.

Reusable makeup removal pads were a part of Oprah’s list, which fell under the category of self-care. She advises that you need these reusable, eco-friendly makeup removers “if you, like me, have trashed a few towels from washing off makeup.” This is the cheapest item on her list with a suggested retail price of $16.

Oprah considers children with these Warmies plush animals, even though she does not have any of her own. You can heat them, which makes them unique. She contacts them “a calming gift for both young and old. Warm up one of these teddy animals in the microwave before cuddling it and breathing in the lavender smell. They work well for stomach problems or stress.” The price was $24.

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