Kanye West Has A Terrible History Of Adoring Adolf Hitler

The musician formerly known as Kanye West has long been fascinated by Adolf Hitler and reportedly intended to name an album after the Nazi leader, according to many people who were once close to him.

The musician, who now goes by Ye, allegedly created a hostile work atmosphere partly due to his “obsession” with Hitler, according to a business executive who once worked for West. The person told CNN that the man would extol Hitler by remarking on how amazing it was that he could amass such power and would talk about all the beautiful things he and the Nazi Party accomplished for the German people.

In response to workplace allegations, including harassment, the CEO resigned from his position and agreed with a settlement with West and some of his businesses, which CNN has examined. Due to a confidentiality agreement and concern for West’s retaliation, the former executive preferred to remain anonymous.

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The agreement states that West refuted the claims made by the executive. The executive revealed to CNN that West expressed his “admiration” for the Nazis and Hitler for their use of propaganda and freely admitted to reading “Mein Kampf,” Hitler’s 1925 autobiographical autobiography.

According to this person, people in West’s inner circle were “well aware” of his interest in Hitler. Four sources who did not want to be identified because they feared retaliation from their employers told CNN that West had previously proposed the name “Hitler” for his 2018 album, which was later released as “Ye.”

The connection between Universal Music Group and West’s GOOD Music label ended last year, according to a statement sent to CNN on Tuesday. Def Jam is owned by Universal Music Group and used to distribute West’s music.

“Antisemitism has no place in our culture. The Universal Music Group continued, “We are steadfastly dedicated to fighting antisemitism and all other forms of bigotry. The reason the album was given the name “Ye” was unknown to the persons CNN spoke with.

Former TMZ staffer Van Lathan Jr., who challenged West after hearing him say slavery “sounds like a choice” in an interview at their offices in 2018, alleged on a podcast that West also made antisemitic remarks during their talk that the company withheld from the public. Lathan claimed that’s why his most recent comments didn’t surprise him.

Lathan stated on a recent episode of the “Higher Learning” podcast, “I already heard him say those things before at TMZ.” “I mean, I was shocked because that kind of antisemitic speech is appalling. I feel shocked every time someone does it. Is that right? But in terms of [Kanye West], I was aware of it because he said as much to TMZ, and they edited it out of the interview.

When he was there, he allegedly exclaimed, “I love Hitler, I love Nazis.” or words to that effect. And for whatever reason, they removed it from the interview. I didn’t choose it. Kanye West had mentioned Hitler favourably, according to one of the sources who talked with CNN and was present at the TMZ interview.

The admission that Kanye West allegedly had a history of adoring Hitler comes amid a string of incendiary behaviours on West’s part that started earlier this month. The Anti-Defamation League regarded his wearing a “White Lives Matter” shirt and dressing many Black models in the phrase’s apparel during his Yeezy fashion show in Paris on October 3 as a sign of hatred (ADL).

He followed it up with a tweet in which he threatened to “go death con three on Jewish people,” which led to Twitter locking his account. He claimed Sean “Diddy” Combs was “managed by Jewish people” in a private text message between himself and Combs that he uploaded on Instagram.

The rapper and fashion designer Kanye West has seen a professional backlash due to his harsh remarks in recent weeks. On Tuesday, Adidas terminated its seven-year collaboration with West, describing his most recent activities as “unacceptable, hostile, and deadly.”

The sportswear manufacturer said that it “does not allow antisemitism and any other type of hate speech” and claimed that West’s recent remarks went against the organization’s “values of diversity and inclusion, mutual respect, and fairness.”

Along with the talent management firm CAA, Balenciaga severed ties with Kanye West. A documentary on Kanye West was shelved by the production company MRC, and Yeezy Gap items would be removed from stores, and the YeezyGap.com website would be taken down, according to GAP.

West appeared to refer to the broken business ties in a post on Instagram on Thursday with the hashtag “LOVE SPEECH,” writing in part, “I LOST 2 BILLION DOLLARS IN ONE DAY, AND I’M STILL ALIVE.”

Last weekend, anti-Semitic protesters in Los Angeles held banners referencing the West. The American Jewish Committee, the ADL, and several political figures and celebrities, including his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, condemned his remarks.

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