New Prime-time Show on CNN

Gayle King and Charles Barkley will star in a new weekly prime-time show on CNN, the news network said on Saturday. On TNT’s NBA Tip-Off Saturday, King and Barkley got down to talk about the specifics of the live show, King Charles, which is scheduled to air on Wednesdays.

Barkley declared, “I want the show to be nonpolitical, but it will touch on politics. “You can trust that Gayle King will speak the truth. I’m going, to be honest,” he continued. “I know she’s going to be fair and honest, and you know I’m going to do the same thing.”

According to King, the program would take a blunt look at current issues. “I think that decorum, courtesy, and kindness always work,” she remarked. “However, everyone I know has a viewpoint. We simply need to find a method to communicate effectively without disparaging one another.

New Prime-time Show on CNN

And I am confident that we can. According to King and Barkley, the show will address a variety of subjects, from serious ones like gun control to lighter ones like pop culture and gastronomy. I want viewers to tune in to find out what Gayle and Charles will do.

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King stated. I anticipate finding the chemistry between the two of us to be entertaining. The program will also showcase the prominent figures in the week’s news. According to CNN CEO Chris Licht in an email to the workforce on Saturday, King Charles is scheduled to start this fall and last until 2024.

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He stated that the program will offer “culturally relevant programming and unique perspectives,” and that further details on the program’s focus will be released over the coming months. King will continue to headline CBS Mornings, and Barkley will continue to work for CNN in his position as the host of WBD Sports.


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