Snapchat’s Ai Chatbot Will “Snap” You Back for Free Worldwide

The business revealed today at its Snap Partner Summit that Snapchat’s AI chatbot is now accessible to a global audience. The function, which was first introduced in February, initially allowed Snapchat’s paying users to communicate with an AI chatbot powered by OpenAI’s GPT technology from inside the app. It will now be free to access.

According to Snap, users have been using the chatbot to send over 2 million messages per day so far. With the feature’s today-announced global expansion, new features are also being added, including as the capacity to include My AI in group conversations, obtain Snap Map and Lenses location suggestions, share Snaps with My AI, and get chat responses.

The business also stated that in the future, My AI will be able to answer with original “generative” Snaps back rather than just chat messages to continue the visual dialogue. The original purpose of adding AI to the Snapchat app was to provide consumers with more ways to interact with it and to capitalize on the rising demand from users for ChatGPT-style experiences.

Snapchat's Ai Chatbot Will "Snap" You Back for Free Worldwide

According to the manufacturer, the feature may be used to, among other things, plan a hiking trip, come up with dinner recipe ideas, or compose a poem for a friend. Sadly for Snap, the AI quickly lost its bearings. The Washington Post said the bot was responding unsafely just days after its launch.

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Despite being informed that the user was a young teen, 15 years old, the bot offered advice on how to cover up marijuana and alcohol odors during a birthday celebration. The teen had an essay written for school as well. When the user’s age was given to the bot, it responded to a query regarding how to get in the right mood for your first time having s*x.

In response, Snap said users had been attempting to “trick the chatbot into providing responses that do not conform to our guidelines,” and it launched new features, including age filters, to keep the AI responses more appropriate for a younger audience. Additionally, it announced that it would provide insights to its Family Center parental controls center, which enables parents and guardians to monitor their children’s activities with the bot.

Snap has still not done this as of today’s global debut and hasn’t said when the Family Center controls would go live, just stating that they were still being developed. The company is currently attempting to attract younger users by enabling the chatbot in group discussions with pals, where it can be included with a @ mention. To make it clear that it is a bot and not another group member, the bot will sparkle next to its name as it enters the conversation in this case.

Additionally, the AI will be able to recommend locations or pertinent Lenses. For instance, according to Snap, it might recommend weekend activities or a suitable Lens to use to wish a friend a happy birthday. Additionally, it can now respond to your Snaps with a chat message. Later, it will also be able to provide a graphic answer. Even though My AI is now free to use, the function will only be available to Snapchat+ subscribers.

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel indicated that consumers who took a photo of their dog would receive a humorous dog photo back as a generative response, for instance, during today’s Partner Summit talk. Or, he continued, “My AI might suggest a dish if you provide a Snap of the vegetables growing in your garden. We are eager to see how my AI is received by our community.

What kind of safety measures will be used in the generating parts is unclear. Another issue here could be that other generative AI programs, like Lensa AI, have been known to produce NSFW photos under dubious circumstances. To give your My AI more of a personality, you will be able to name it and design a unique Bitmoji for it, among other new personalization capabilities.

Additionally, you can view the most recent news below:

Before today, only subscribers to Snapchat+, which costs $3.99 a month, could access the function, which might have encouraged upgrades. Additionally, Snapchat+ has more than 3 million subscribers as of today, according to Snap.

The AI will now, however, be publicly accessible, with specialized AI functions being an upgrade that costs money. Note: During Snap’s live presentation, the post was modified to reflect the new My AI pricing structure, which offers free access to all capabilities now and premium access to generative AI in the future.

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