Lisa Montgomery: US Executes first woman in Decades. Who Was Lisa Montgomery Who Killed a Pregnant Woman?

Lisa Montgomery is the first women in the last seven decades; the US executes woman death row convict in murder. The culprit is a 52 years old woman hailing from Kansas, was officially carried out by the Government on Wednesday. The execution was done as per the series of executions passed by President Trump’s administration recently.

As per the Associated Press, on the day of execution, the lady was standing near the Lisa Montgomery removed her mask and asked if she had any last words. But she just replied “No” in a quiet and muffled voice.

When journalists were waiting for her execution, she didn’t give any sign of suffering. However, she appeared nervous and twiddled her thumb. Later, the lethal injection was administered as Montgomery let out a quiet gasp.

Approx at At 1:30 am, a doctor walked into the room to check if her heart is still beating or not. After a minute, the official walked out and announced she is dead.

What was Lisa Montgomery convicted of?

Lisa was the culprit in 2007 in Missouri for the kidnapping and choking Bobbie Jo Stinnett. At the time of the incident, Bobbie Jo Stinnett was eight months pregnant. After garrotting the mother, she cut Stinnett’s fetus from the womb and also strangled her. With the grace of God, the child was survived, but the mother didn’t.

In the court, Lisa’s lawyer argued and gave several statements, such as having an abusive childhood, her stepfather and his friends serially raped her, which ultimately led to her criminal inclination.

The lawyer tried to seek help from Trump’s mercy for her abusive and traumatic past. He demanded life imprisonment instead of the death sentence. Though, on Wednesday, Lisa breathed her last owing to the lethal injection.

In the USA’s history, Lisa Montgomery has become the 11th women prisoner to get lethal injection since July.

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