New Pokemon Snap: April Release Date Status Announced

Nintendo, the Japanese multinational consumer electronics and video game manufacturer, has announced that soon New Pokemon Snap will take place in a whole new Lental region. The region will include many adventures through jungles, deserts, etc.

The New Pokemon Snap was announced last year. Basically, it is a successor of Nintendo’s 64 games. The old version was aimed at exploring Pokemon, their natural habitats and snapping beautiful pictures of them. While this new game will take place in archipelago of islands, that will be together with jungles, deserts and beaches, hiding over 200 Pokémon.

To capture a Pokemon, for instance, Sylveon, you will need to bait them and get grades from the professor you’re researching. As far as the latest is concerned, the players will be getting a new map/region, i.e. Illumina phenomenon. At present, information is scarce. But in the future, the players will be learning more about it.

New Pokemon Snap

The Gameplay

As mentioned above, it is a sequel. Hence again you’ll be playing the role of a budding Pokemon photographer. To gain knowledge, you’ll be working with region expert known as Professor Mirror, and his assistant Rita as an ecological surveyor. And to travel in the country, you’ll be using an auto-driving vehicle known as the NEO-ONE.

To lure the Pokemon, you need to throw fruits and watch them eat. After this, you can start drawing them out of a variety of situations.

When you take the pictures to the professor, he will evaluate the score based on their “posses, how large they are, how directly they’re facing the camera and where they fall in the frame.”

Once your research is complete, the Pokemon may start to behave or look in a new way. Later, you can use all those photos to fill your Photodex.

When will New Pokemon Snap Launch?

The Nintendo revealed the launch date of one of its next big Switch exclusives via a YouTube trailer, which you can watch below. As per the trailer, Pokemon Snap will release on 30th April 2021. To secure a copy, you can head to their official website as officials have begun to accept New Pokemon Snap pre-orders.

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