Kate Walsh Pregnant: When Will We Be Able To Watch The Season 3?

Kate Walsh Pregnant: Many questions have been plaguing viewers of Emily in Paris, and they hope they will be answered in the new season. The big question is whether Emily will remain loyal to Madeline or leave Savior to work with Sylvie and the rest of her former coworkers to start their marketing agency. 

And then there’s the uncertainty of which couples will make it to the end of the season together and which will break up. The show will attempt to provide answers to all of these questions, but another one has emerged with the start of the new season. 

Since her character’s pregnancy is so evident in the new season, many viewers wonder if Kate Walsh was pregnant during filming.

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Kate Walsh Pregnant

Even though Kate Walsh’s character, Emily, is pregnant at the start of the third season of Emily in Paris, Walsh is not pregnant during filming. The fact that she is pregnant plays a significant role in the show’s storyline and is not a plot device.

This isn’t likely to surprise viewers because her character has been pregnant on the show since the pilot. Madeline’s unplanned pregnancy was pivotal in the front because it resulted in Emily going to Paris when Madeline was forbidden to go.

Fans may wonder if the show adapted this situation by having a character become pregnant to coincide with the actress’s actual pregnancy. However, as we have already established, Walsh was not anticipating it during production.

When Will Season Three of “Emily in Paris” Be Available?

The third season will premiere on December 21, 2022, like the first two. Collins revealed her eagerness to return to work on Emily in Paris in a February 2022 behind-the-scenes video featuring the show’s legendary costume designer, Patricia Field.

After waking up, the image of the magical closet remained in my mind. I’ve missed my time on @emilyinparis with the amazing @mshangaimx and the incomparable @patriciafield—an actor “[sic]” ed the caption of his video. The eccentric outfit was highlighted, which featured feathers, neon colors and designs, and an abundance of footwear and accessories.

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