Sheri Nicole Pregnant: What Is The Relationship With Yung Gravy?

Sheri Nicole Pregnant: Recently, a person going by the name Sheri Nicole has begun popping up on various social media sites. Everyone is wondering if Sheri Nicole is pregnant at the moment. In this piece, we’ll fill you in on who she is. 

According to the article, American social media influencer Sheri Nicole is known for being a star mom, setting trends, and producing entertaining videos on Tik Tok. She is Addison Rey’s mother, the famous internet personality. 

There has been a recent surge in interest in her identity across social media, and many fans are eager to learn more about her. Let’s continue with the article, as we now have additional information to share.

The original report claims that Sheri Nicole is a single parent because she and her husband, Monty Lopez, have been fighting since he had an affair with a woman five years his junior. Sheri may not be pregnant in 2022 because she reportedly stopped dating after splitting up with her husband a few months earlier.

Addison Rey’s parents decided to end their communication and move on after a difficult period in their lives. Lopez still lists Nicole as his spouse on his profile, even though he and Nicole appear to have broken up.

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Who Is Sheri Nicole?

Addison’s friends and family have been keeping tabs on the breaking trend of refusing to comply with relations via social media. As a result, she no longer receives her dad’s Instagram posts. After publicly separating from her father, Monty Lopez, on Instagram, she quickly stopped following her mother.

She discovered and revealed a few months ago that her father was dating influencer Renée Ash, 25. As a general rule, Sheri and her husband, Monty Lopez, do not plan to have any more children. People started talking about her husband online in July 2022 when she changed her Instagram bio to reflect her new status as a single parent. 

Although Sheri Nicole and Monty Lopez may be legally wed, they do not appear to live together. In June 2022, Sheri revealed that Monty had been having an affair with a woman 25 years of age, setting a chain of events in motion. 

Social media personality and TikTok sensation Sheri Nicole (real name: Sheri Nicole Easterling) has an estimated $2 million in the bank. Here, we’ve divulged every bit of information we possess. Please stay connected with us for further details.

Is Sheri Nicole Pregnant?

Since Sheri divorced her husband a few months ago and hasn’t been in a relationship, she probably won’t get pregnant until after 2022. Addison Rey’s parents decided to end their marriage after a difficult period.

At the very least, the choice appears evident from Sheri’s perspective. Even though Lopez and Nicole appear to have broken up, Lopez’s profile still lists Nicole as his wife. Addison’s relatives are following the current social media trend and unfollowing one another.

She began by removing her father as an Instagram follower. Addison Rae appears to have unfollowed her mother shortly after she severed ties with her father, Monty Lopez, on Instagram. Several months later, when reports of her father’s alleged affair with 25-year-old influencer Renée Ash emerged, the choice was made.

Yung Gravy And Sheri’s Relationship May Have Been A PR Stunt

Sheri needed a diversion after her public divorce, and Yung Gravy needed publicity for his success. However, that isn’t the only sign that things weren’t meant to last. Those who were there say it was all a PR ploy.

An anonymous source told Page Six in August that the couple had staged their red carpet-appearance for publicity purposes. We’re kissing, but it’s not real. The insider went on to say that the rapper would never date Sheri because she’s not his type. His statements about attraction to older women are all for show; in reality, he prefers younger women.

Yung Gravy And Sheri's Relationship
Yung Gravy And Sheri’s Relationship

Yung Gravy, on the other hand, claims that he and Sheri are still on good terms and that they regularly exchange messages. In late October, he said, “We still keep in touch a lot.” 2022 Since we’re based in different cities, a romantic relationship between us is impractical. Nonetheless, we’re still in touch. In Louisiana, she never misses a show of mine.

When he took Sheri to the VMAs in August, he didn’t expect anyone to assume they were dating. Everyone was like, ‘Oh, they’re dating,’ the minute I brought [Easterling] along. He continued, “There were a lot of rumors spread about her and I being pregnant and all this stuff. 

After online flirting, I wanted a cute first date, so I said, “Let’s do this.” That’s not how it goes with famous people. There is no proof that Yung Gravy and Sheri were ever serious about each other beyond a PR stunt or a brief fling.

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