Who is Keke Palmer Partner? What Was Her Pregnancy According To Her Partner?

Here we are talking about Who is Keke Palmer Partner? Keke Palmer revealed on Saturday that she and her partner Darius Jackson are expecting their first child. “Honestly, this has been the greatest blessing, and I am so happy to announce that I will soon become a mother! “The “True Jackson, VP” alum revealed this over the weekend during her opening monologue on “Saturday Night Live.” Jackson posted a picture of Palmer’s growing baby bump with the message “2023 ” on Instagram to share the good news.

Without a doubt a Hollywood match. Although it has remained largely secretive, Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson’s romance got its start at a party with a lot of famous people. The author and the Scream Queens starlet allegedly first connected at a party hosted by Issa Rae and Diddy in May 2021. The pair made their relationship public three months later. In an Instagram post, Jackson (also known as Darius Daulton) raved about his fiancee.

The personal trainer at the time wrote, “You’ve been a godsend from above. Never in a million years did I think summer 2021 would play out the way it did, yet here we are. I’m glad we were able to support one another during our darkest moments and demonstrate to one another that we are putting everything we have to the table. Palmer, on her part, claimed that her boyfriend’s apparent lack of desire to be a superstar is one of the things that attracted her to him. He is very knowledgeable about the sector, but he is not very interested in it.

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We spend so much time together, and he’s actually my closest friend, that it just becomes second nature for me to not try to hide what makes me happy, the Illinois native said, adding that while she wasn’t necessarily eager to make Jackson’s relationship public, as their relationship progressed, it became “impossible to hide.” “It won’t be all you see; after all, this is my profession, but because this individual means a lot to me, why not?”

But when Palmer disclosed that she and her fiancé were expecting their first child together in December 2022, she didn’t hold back. The True Jackson, VP alum who made her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live flaunted her baby bump to quell pregnancy rumors. The Hustlers star said, “There are some stories going around; people have been in my comments saying, ‘Keke’s having a kid, Keke’s pregnant,’ and I want to set the record straight — I am. I’m going to be a mother, guys! I simply want to say, “Look, I’m 29, I’m grown, I have s*x, and I own a home,” even though some people find it a little strange that I had. On the other side, Palmer was definitely pregnant when Jackson shared a photo of her on Instagram with the word “2023” and the news.

What is Darius Jackson’s Line of Work?

Jackson has a few acting credits, including leading roles in the upcoming film Dawn of the Predator and the TV series Games People Play. He is also a fitness trainer and labels himself on Instagram as a writer.

Who is Keke Palmer Partner?

How are Darius Jackson and Sarunas Jackson Related?

The performer is the younger brother of Sarunas Jackson, who played Dro on Insecure from 2017 to 2021.

Where Did Keke and Darius First Met?

The two were allegedly acquainted by Darius’ brother Sarunas at a Memorial Day party in 2021 hosted by his Insecure co-star Rae.

What was Keke’s Pregnancy, Stated By Darius?

Darius appeared to confirm their relationship by posting a photo of Palmer hugging her expanding baby bulge on Instagram with the message “2023” after Palmer announced her pregnancy on Saturday Night Live.

Who is Keke Palmer Partner: When Did They Come Into a Relationship?

Palmer revealed that she and her boyfriend tend to make their dates “casual” in November of the same year, occasionally watching movies at drive-in theatres or seeking for anything with “a little throwback vibe.” The Scream actress and her boyfriend reportedly started relation in May 2021.

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