Kane Brown’s Acting Debut in ‘Fire Country’

Despite having his feet firmly planted in the music industry, country musician Kane Brown is trying out acting. For the CBS series Fire Country, Brown is acting for the first time. The character Robin, who the show describes as “an intriguing modern-day train hopper, who aids injured patients,” is played by Brown in tonight’s episode.

As a train strikes a bus carrying children in the trailer, the firefighters must work together to save the kids. Bode Donovan, portrayed by Max Theriot, needs more help, he declares. Brown introduces himself and offers to lend one. “Robin. You’re going to assist those kids, he inquires.

Kane Brown's Acting Debut in 'Fire Country'

On his new job, Brown talked with Entertainment Tonight. Brown told the site, “It’s pretty nice.” “I almost had a superhero moment,” I’m an avid moviegoer, he continues. My issue is simply constantly wanting to try new things, not just pushing myself and being different.

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Thieriot, the series star, and creator offered his opinions on Brown’s acting potential. According to him, “He just has a lot of raw, natural capacity to be present and to listen, and truly be in the moment.” “I believe that if you can begin there and accomplish that, you can expand on it.

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Some people simply lack such ability, thus they are unable to begin there. I believe he has that item as well. He put in a ton of effort and was intensely committed to doing this since he was so, so passionate about it. That was very important to me. When Fire Country airs on CBS on Friday at 9 p.m. ET/PT, you can watch Brown make his acting debut.


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