Virgin Voyages Passenger Dies After Balcony Fall

The cruise line has announced that a passenger on a Virgin Voyages vacation died on board the ship on Sunday night after “going over their balcony into a lower deck.” After the passenger’s deadly fall at roughly 9:30 p.m. local time on Sunday, the ship, which had departed PortMiami earlier in the day, quickly sailed back to land, according to CBS Miami.

The business withheld all details regarding the deceased passenger. According to Virgin Voyages, the incident happened not long after the cruise ship left port. On what might have contributed to the visitor’s collapse, the company has not given any information.

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Virgin Voyages released a statement that read, “On Sunday, shortly after departure there was a medical emergency affecting one of our passengers.” Despite obtaining rapid medical care, the passenger who fell off their balcony and onto a lower deck passed tragically.

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The business expressed its “great sorrow” over the death, saying that “our hearts and thoughts are with this person’s loved ones.” Virgin Voyages reported that after the incident, the cruise ship was “quickly rerouted back to Miami.” The business added that it is closely collaborating with regional authorities as an inquiry into the circumstances leading up to the passenger’s death gets started.


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