Jensen Ackles Net Worth: How Much Did Supernatural Star Jensen Ackles Earn?

Jensen Ackles is a well-respected and widely-liked American actor, musician, and director. He began his acting career in 1998 and has since played a variety of parts, but he is perhaps best recognized for his role as Dean Winchester on the hit television series Supernatural.

Recently, rumors have surfaced that he may play Batman in the upcoming DC Extended Universe picture, The Brave and the Bold. In this piece, we’ll take a deeper look at his wealth and the money he’s made.

Jensen Ackles Net Worth

Actor, director, producer, and singer-songwriter Jensen Ackles has a $14 million fortune in the United States. The role of Dean Winchester on “Supernatural” (2005-2020) on The CW is what made Ackles famous. According to reports, Jensen made $175,000 per episode for his role on “Supernatural.”

As well as his role as Eric Brady on the NBC soap opera “Days of Our Lives” from 1997 to 2000, Ackles’ acting credits include the movies “Devour” (2005) and “My Bloody Valentine 3D” (2009), as well as episodes of “Mr. Rhodes” (1996–1997), “Dark Angel” (2001–2002), “Dawson’s Creek” (2002–2003), and “Smallville” (2004–2005).

How Much Did Supernatural Star Jensen Ackles Earn?

How Much Did Supernatural Star Jensen Ackles Earn

After leaving Days of Our Lives, Jensen appeared in a number of different series. He voiced the vigilante Red Hood in several Batman animations. Ackles, on the other hand, came into his own as Dean Winchester on Supernatural.

The first episode aired in September 2005, and the series ran till 2020. The show had a huge, devoted fan base and was nominated for several Emmys.

Showrunner Eric Kripke has also suggested that the Supernatural universe may not be closed, leaving the door open for Jensen to reprise his role as Dean at some point in the future.

These on-screen siblings have a rocky relationship in real life, The Things They Carried, starring Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Alyssa Milano, and Rose McGowan.

Jensen might easily take on the role of Dean once more. The show has had such a profound effect on his development. His friendships with co-stars Jared Padalecki and Jeffery Dean Morgan are legendary. Because of their strong relationship, Jensen was the one to check on Padalecki after he was in a serious vehicle accident.

As an actor in Supernatural, Jensen reportedly earned $175,000 every episode. Whether that was his starting wage or where it settled towards the end of the show’s run is unknown.

Nicki Swift claims that his compensation was significantly lower over the latter four seasons. Ackles would have made over $50 million from the show if he had paid that much every episode during its entire duration. Compared to his $14 million in wealth, that’s a huge difference.

Ackles Family Moves to Austin After Selling Malibu Mansion

Jensen and Danneel’s 5,940 square-foot Malibu mansion sold in January 2015 for $6.5 million. They paid $4.8 million in December 2012, according to property records, to purchase the five-bedroom, six-bathroom house.

The couple eventually settled in Austin, Texas, where they purchased a five-bedroom, seven-and-a-half-bathroom home designed by architect Paul Lamb.

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