Amber Heard Net Worth: She Requested to Johnny Depp $50,000 Per Month in Spousal Support

Despite becoming a household name because of the highly publicized Depp-Heard trial, Amber Heard has had a fairly good career as a Hollywood actress. She actually began her career as a model for beauty pageants before she became an actress.

Later, she became well-known for her roles in shows including The Playboy Club, Criminal Minds, The Cleveland Show, and The Stand. She also appeared in a handful of music videos before landing roles in a string of box-office successes like Friday Night Lights, Zombieland, The Stepfather, and Paranoia. Learn more about Amber Heard’s wealth and the lavish life she leads below.

Amber Heard Net Worth

The American actress and model Amber Heard is worth an estimated $500,000. Among the films in which she has appeared were “Aquaman,” “The Rum Diary,” “Never Back Down,” and “Drive Angry,” among many more. Heard is well-known for her activism, particularly in the area of LGBTQ rights, and her many media appearances.

Amber has been notorious in recent years due to her ties to Johnny Depp, her ex-husband. Despite getting a divorce in 2016, Heard and Depp continued to fight for years, both in and out of court.

In 2019, Depp sued Heard in Virginia for defamation, seeking $50 million, because of an opinion piece she wrote for the Washington Post the year before. After hearing about the comments made by Depp’s lawyer, Heard responded by filing a $100 million counter-defamation complaint.

A Virginia jury found in favor of Depp in June 2022, awarding him $15 million in damages, and ordering Heard to pay it. The same jury also fined Depp $2 million and awarded it to Heard. Johnny finally decided to settle the lawsuit for a significantly lower sum of $1 million in December 2022. This article will go into greater detail about these libel claims later on.

Spending Money Monthly For Amber Heard

Documents made public during the Heard Depp trial revealed that Heard’s estimated monthly expenses go as high as $43,700, which may include expenditures for rent, entertainment, gifts, vacation, dining out, and basic necessities. This is despite the fact that her current monthly income is only $10,000.

Amber Heard’s financial situation has clearly deteriorated since her slander trial. The actress even asked Johnny Depp for $50,000 in spousal support each month.

Amber Heard’s Trial Home: A $5 Million Rental With a Secret

Amber Heard's Trial Home A $5 Million Rental With a Secret

During the libel trial, Heard resided in a Virginia house that commanded a hefty monthly payment. It has been reported by TMZ that Amber Heard’s name was not included in the rental documents for all but one month of the $5 million property she reportedly rented for $22,500 per month.

Amber Heard Requested $50,000 Per Month in Spousal Support

After Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s 2016 split, she sought spousal support. Amber’s lawyers allegedly offered to “keep this matter out of the spotlight” in exchange for continued use of a Range Rover, occupancy of three of Johnny’s Los Angeles penthouse apartments, and payment of $125,000 in legal and accounting fees in May 2016, according to documents filed in the 2022 defamation lawsuit.

Next According to reports, Amber requested Depp for $50,000 a month to help with costs. Heard claimed in court filings that her monthly outlays amounted to $30,000. This included $10,000 for rent, $2,000 for food, and $10,000 for her pets and legal representation. She bolstered her case by saying she was generating a modest living off of several film royalties totaling $27,000.

She made $250,000 in 2014 from a number of sources, but according to the documents, she spent about $210,000. This left her with a net income of approximately $40,000. Amber Heard also provided proof that her savings amounted to a meager $25,000.

Amber Heard eventually decided to drop her plea for spousal support.

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