Jeff Bridges Gives an Update on His Cancer

Jeff Bridges has remarkably recovered three years after receiving a cancer diagnosis. Bridges discusses the changes in his health over the past five years, including a near-death experience after catching COVID-19, in the cover story for AARP.

He realized he had a “9-by-12-inch tumor” in his body while filming his series The Old Man in 2020 and had to stop filming to obtain treatment for lymphoma. Bridges stated that he “had no immune system to fight it” when he developed COVID a few months later. Chemo had eliminated it, which made it extremely difficult.

Jeff Bridges Gives an Update on His Cancer

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He overcame COVID and is now allowed to work in 2023, just before season two of the show’s filming. Bridges said the tumor has shrunk “to the size of a marble.” Even if Bridges’ health has improved, it might take longer until The Old Man’s next season is available.

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In support of the WGA writers’ strike, crew members have refused to cross picket lines, and the production ran out of episodes to shoot, delaying the release of the season. However, bridges will be prepared to resume living off the grid once the dust has settled.

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