Heather Armstrong Cause of Death: She Dead at 47

Heather Armstrong, a mommy blogger also known as “Dooce,” passed herself on Tuesday in what appeared to be a suicide, her partner Pete Ashdown told the Associated Press. She was 47 years old. The ex-senate hopeful claimed to have discovered his fiancée dead at their Salt Lake City home.

Armstrong allegedly relapsed lately after being sober for 18 months due to substance misuse difficulties, according to Ashdown. Armstrong was discovered “unresponsive” at her house on Tuesday at about 9:20 p.m. local time, according to a Salt Lake City Police spokesperson who also confirmed this to us.

She committed suicide, according to preliminary investigations, but no additional information is being shared out of “respect” for her family and their “privacy,” the police representative said. She was remembered in a post on Armstrong’s Instagram page that appeared to have been made by Ashdown and stated that she was the “love of [his] life.”

Heather Armstrong Cause of Death: She Dead at 47

The post also stated, “It takes an ocean not to break,” and said, “Hold your loved ones close, and love everyone else.” Armstrong had established a social media following of at least 48,000 individuals while running the well-known parenting blog “Dooce” since 2001. Additionally, she appeared on several TV shows, including “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

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She last updated her website on April 6 with the post, “You’re the one I wanted to find.” In the lengthy essay, she was open and honest about her struggles with addiction. Armstrong recalled, “I felt like a wounded animal that wanted to be left alone to die on October 8, 2021, when I celebrated six months of Sobriety on the floor near my bed.

No one in my life could understand how significant a win it was for me, even though it was accompanied by many tears and furious crying that, at one point, made me fear for my physical safety. I was engulfed in waves of pain as a result of the grief. It was difficult for me to breathe for a while. Armstrong further said that because of “how bad” she felt about herself, she “chose loneliness” and isolation.

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Then she paused and thought, “Sobriety was not some puzzle I had to solve. It was merely examining my wounds and discovering how to deal with them. In a May 2019 interview with Vox, Armstrong first discussed her experience with depression. She said she started having problems after her divorce from ex-husband Jon Armstrong, with whom she has daughters Leta Elise and Marlo Iris.

The blogger revealed that two years earlier, she had signed up for a research trial in which she was chemically sedated for 15 minutes throughout ten sessions. Heather previously said, “I felt like life was not meant to be lived.” “When you’re so desperate, anything seems possible. I believed my children should have a happy, healthy mother, and I needed reassurance that I had exhausted all possibilities to provide that for them.


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