Jay Leno Discharged From The Hospital After 9 Days Suffering A Burn Injury

Jay Leno Discharged From The Hospital After 9 Days Suffering A Burn Injury: Despite having “severe burns” from a gasoline fire on November 12, Jay Leno appeared to be in good health and spirits in a photo released on Monday, the day after he was let out from the Grossman Burn Center. Leno is on his way home.

On Monday, nine days after sustaining “severe burns” in a garage gasoline fire, the 72-year-old former Tonight Show host was released from the Grossman Burn Center in the Los Angeles region. The comedian and some of his caregivers were seen in the picture the centre’s personnel posted online.

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Doctors said in a statement received by PEOPLE on Monday that “comedian Jay Leno was released from the Grossman Burn Center today. “Jay will receive follow-up care for his face, chest, and hands burns from a fire in his home garage after a 10-day stay at the Grossman Outpatient Burn Clinic facility. Jay wants to express his gratitude to everyone for the attention he received and his appreciation of all the well wishes.

He wishes everyone a happy holiday and is excited to spend Thanksgiving with his family and friends.” He also stated, “I am delighted with Jay’s progress, and I am optimistic that he will recover fully.” Jay’s doctor, Dr Peter Grossman.

Leno underwent surgical excision and grafting as part of his treatment, which involves the removal of harmful tissue to speed up wound healing and lower the risk of infection. Leno’s burns, according to Grossman, “damaged much of the thickness of the skin” in certain places, so unhealthy tissue was being removed.

Leno made his first public appearance since the “severe medical emergency,” which left him with “substantial” second-and third-degree burns on his face, chest, and hands, according to his doctor, two days after the incident. He told PEOPLE that he suffered severe burns from a gasoline fire. “I’m all right. I only need a week or two to recover.”

The event happened on November 12 at roughly 12:30 p.m., according to a press release from the Burbank Fire Department that PEOPLE acquired. Following their arrival, according to BFD authorities, they “examined and treated one adult male patient” before bringing him to “a nearby emergency department.

In a statement to PEOPLE, Aimee Bennett, a representative for the Grossman Burn Center, also confirmed that Leno was receiving treatment there following the incident in his garage. Bennett said that Jay wants everyone to know that he is doing well and is being treated for burns to his hands and face sustained in a weekend gasoline accident in his garage. 

“He is in high spirits and touched by everyone’s concern and well wishes for him. Everyone should know that [he] is doing fine and is at “the best burn centre in the United States,” according to [him].” When the fire started, Leno—a well-known car enthusiast and the host of Jay Leno’s Garage—was working on a steam engine below a car. 

The comedian was extricated from the vehicle’s undercarriage before being sent to the Burn Center to receive medical attention for his wounds. Leno underwent a surgical excision and grafting operation for his burns last week, and according to Dr Peter Grossman, medical director at the Grossman Burn Center, he is doing well. 

According to Grossman, some of the burns on the face are a little deeper and a little more serious. “At this time, there is no proof of nerve injury.” Added the doctor, “I do believe he will fully recover. It’s still too early to know if they’ll be signs of this harm. His injuries are severe, in my opinion, and he is in good health.”

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