Brutally Honest Evaluations Of Each 2022 Amas Performance, Including Pink And Imagine Dragons

Brutally Honest Evaluations Of Each 2022 Amas Performance, Including Pink And Imagine Dragons: The American Music Awards, which celebrated their 50th anniversary, included a diverse range of performers, from the first-time nominee and performer GloRilla to legendary artist Stevie Wonder.

Sunday’s show had lots of visual interest, with Carrie Underwood flying high and Pink taking us to the roller disco. For example, Lil Baby chose to perform more understatedly, while Imagine Dragons displayed their arena-polished bombast.

The Wonder/Charlie Puth homage to Icon Award winner Lionel Richie, whose complete collection of solo work and Commodores songs gave the two a workout, and the beautiful Pink tribute to Olivia Newton-John were highlights of the three-hour show.

From worst to finest, this is a ranking of the 2022 AMAs’ performances.

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Bebe Rexha, ‘I’m Good (Blue)’

Bebe Rexha chose a futuristic theme when she performed her electro-dance collaboration with David Guetta for the first time on American television. Rexha hopped about a hazy blue stage that buzzed with strobe lights while wearing a metallic, bust-baring jumpsuit. Rexha continued to sparkle as she was raised on a hydraulic platform to shout the song’s last notes far above her circle of dancers wearing headgear that resembled a space-age Mickey Mouse. The duo’s cover of the 1999 Eiffel 65 classic “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” glistens.

Imagine Dragons, ‘Bones’ and ‘Enemy’ with JID

Although dancers aren’t often required during an Imagine Dragons performance, frontman Dan Reynolds loves in a play environment with more children. The muscular vocalist, whose abs are visible due to his open-front shirt, “Bones,” engaged the audience by leaning down into their faces with his dancer pals. Fire enveloped the stage as JID took the step for “Enemy,” which he quickly completed before he, Reynolds, and the dance team collapsed in a heap at the song’s conclusion.

GloRilla and Cardi B, ‘Tomorrow 2’

Before meeting Cardi B, her “Tomorrow 2” collaborator, across the stage for a severely bleeped lyrical swap, Memphis rapper GloRilla began her performance while seated on a lit motorcycle. In vibrant yellow (GloRilla) and blue (Cardi B) outfits, the duo loped through their fall song while appearing carefree as they swung across the stage. Rear ends were shaken, silly dancing steps were performed, and a burst of fireworks concluded their duet.

GloRilla And Cardi B, ‘Tomorrow 2’
GloRilla And Cardi B, ‘Tomorrow 2’

Lil Baby, ‘In a Minute’ and ‘California Breeze’

Two of the rapper from Atlanta’s third album, “It’s Only Me,” “It’s Only Me,” chose a mellow vibe. Lil Baby walked through the stage while launching the slow-burning “In a Minute,” covered in an ocean of dry ice. He sat at the end of the stage for his deliberate performance, gazing directly at the audience and camera while presenting his quick-fire anecdotes (at least what could be discerned between bleeps).

Carrie Underwood, ‘Crazy Angels’

In a circular device that zipped her to the stage, Carrie Underwood performed her best Pink tribute while hanging upside down above the audience. Underwood seemed at ease falling to the stage in bare feet and a pink, white, and black catsuit as she sang the country-rock song since she has been flying around on her current tour. Underwood, a genuine fan of Guns N’ Roses, teased her hair into a hair metal style and even incorporated some Axl Rose swivel moves into her energetic performance.

Anitta and Missy Elliott, ‘Envolver’ and ‘Lobby’

Two eager male suitors followed the sultry Anitta as she stalked the stage, slinky and sensual as she pushed her pelvis against the floor while singing in Spanish the “Envolver.” For the always-welcome appearance of Missy Elliott for the pair’s smash summer single “Lobby,” the Brazilian star whirled offstage on a luggage cart. Elliott looked ageless as she flowed down one lane of the platform, releasing her fluid rhymes before meeting Anitta at centre stage for a hug and grins. She was wearing a glittering suit, wacky spectacles, and silver sneakers.

Dove Cameron, ‘Boyfriend’

Dove Cameron, dressed in a scarlet bustier and a black jacket, avoided the libidinous finger-snapper by concentrating on her sexiness. The singer and actress enveloped the female dancer, who was the object of Cameron’s love, as she kissed and caressed her. The song blended pop seduction with Broadway bombast and had the perfect visual accompaniment.

Dove Cameron, ‘Boyfriend’
Dove Cameron, ‘Boyfriend’

Pink, ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You

Olivia Newton-John is a very different kind of singer than Pink. Newton-John was a sweet songbird, whereas Pink is all husky muscularity. However, Pink’s homage to the late performer and actress was superb. The lovely heartbreak song from the “Grease” soundtrack is ageless, and Pink’s emotive singing makes it evident that she admires Newton-John. As images of Newton-John in her feathered hair splendour were watched from the television screens, Pink, dressed in a pale gown, mesmerized the audience by placing her hand on her chest, hitting every huge note with passion, and finishing with a magnificent vocal ascent.

Yola, ‘Break the Bough’

The initial horn blast and the sound of the English soul, rock, and R&B powerhouse’s voice caught the crowd’s attention. Yola’s energy was contagious as she traversed the stage runways while banging a tambourine across her leg. The scene had a lighthearted atmosphere due to the lit palm palms and “Miami Vice” colour scheme, yet Yola’s voice was authoritative.

Yola, ‘Break the Bough’
Yola, ‘Break the Bough’

Pink, ‘Never Gonna Not Dance Again’

It was wise to have Ms. “Get The Party Started” introduce the 2022 American Music Awards. Once you get over Pink’s new song’s double-negative grammar, it’s simple to enjoy this bubbly pop concoction. A pre-recorded scene showed Pink roller skating outside in a gloomy Los Angeles until “arriving” unavoidably inside the Microsoft Theater to resume the song. Pink was wearing a cotton candy-coloured jacket. Pink’s disco-themed staging, complemented by fuchsia and purple lighting, a group of skateboarding dancers, and a few bursts of fireworks, created a vibrant backdrop to fit the carefree mood of the song. As relatable as ever, Pink demonstrated her humanity by pausing for a brief moment to regain her breath.

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