I Think You Should Leave Season 2 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

Your favorite comedy sketch show, “I Think You Should Leave,” is all set to make a comeback, with I Think You Should Leave Season 2. Netflix confirms the news.

Tom Robinson, just like in season 1, will be the star of the show, and there are many exciting guest appearances lined up for the new season. 

After doing some deep research, here is all the information that we have gathered about the new season of I Think You Should leave. 

When is the new season getting released?

2 weeks back, along with releasing the first trailer Netflix also revealed the official dates.

The second installment with a total of six episodes premiered on Tuesday, July 6th, on Netflix. All episodes are under 20 minutes. The good thing is that you can binge-watch the entire show in approximately 2 hours.

The first season was a mainstream hit; very successful in attracting a broad audience. Fans have similar expectations from Tom Robinson for its second season.

Will the sequel get the same hype?

To answer this question correctly, we’ll have to wait for a few more days. Because as mentioned earlier, it was released just one day ago. The ratings have been good, and they are expected to be boosted on the weekend so hang around for a while.

Are there any new actors starring in the sequel?

Season 1 of I think you should leave had Tom Robinson in the main lead, and other actors starred as guest stars.

I Think You Should Leave Season 2

Guest stars of season 1 included;

  • Sam Richardson
  • Vanessa Bayer
  • Cecily Strong
  • Will Forte
  • Conner O’Malle
  • Steven Yeun
  • Andy Samberg
  • Fred Willard

Season 2’s guest stars include Patti Harrison, Bob Odenkirk, John Early, Tim Heidecker, and we’ll let the rest come as a surprise to you.

Many believe that the show is a hit because of the star-struck cast but not the plot. Do you agree with these people?

What is the plot of I Think You Should Leave Season 2?

As you already know, the genre is sketch comedy, so there is no particular plot of the story. The writers go with the flow and write on whatever topic they wish to. Rest is just magic.

If you’re not an avid watcher of sketch-comedies, SNL is one example of the genre. There are short skits, and the episodes are most of the time not connected.

It might come as a shock to a few, but the following season is nothing like its predecessor. The majority of the reviews so far agreed with this. The second season does not have much connectivity to the first one; it is a class of its own. All the above information in no way implies that the sequel is not worth watching.

To clear things out, the new season is indeed worth watching, but before watching it, you should know that the cast crew together created something slightly different from its first installment. And as we all know, change can be good at times.

Robinson once again outclassed himself with the new sequel. The 6-episode long season will have you rolling on the ground. There isn’t anything more left for us to disclose; because then the jokes will get spoiled. So, it is better to watch it with your own eyes.

We assure you Tom Robinson will not disappoint.

I Think You Should Leave Season 2 Trailer

The trailer showed the viewers a glimpse of season 2; fans went feral with its release. Tom Robinson was shown exploring his adventurous life in various places (one was a haunted house too).

So what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn and laptop, and enjoy!

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