How Namor’s Origin Differs From Marvel Comics In Wakanda Forever

The introduction of Namor to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’s most appealing features. The Sub-Mariner, as portrayed by Tenoch Huerta Mejia, takes advantage of the weakness of the African country following the passing of King T’Challa.

He is sympathetic to their plight but believes Wakanda is to blame for his kingdom’s exposure, so he urges them to band together and starts an open battle. Even though he walks a thin line between villain and anti-hero, Namor eventually proves to be a cold, cunning foe.

He has only ever heard about how people outside the ocean adore conflict, slaughter, and colonization; but, considering his background, it makes sense. Let’s examine how Namor’s origin in Wakanda Forever differs significantly from the comics in light of this.

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Namor from Marvel Comics Lost His Humanity

The son of the Atlantean Emperor Thakorr’s daughter Fen and an American sea captain named Leonard McKenzie, Namor was a character invented by Bill Everett in the 1930s. Leonard was unaware that Fen was spying on people, and that when Leonard was killed in a fight with the marine soldiers, Fen went back to her house and gave birth to Namor.

Although he first showed sympathy for the surface, this hybrid child grew up to be a mutant defender and joined forces with Captain America and the Invaders to battle the Nazis during World War II. But over time, Namor would become weary of the surface’s propensity for contaminating and ruining the natural world.

Because of this, he became resentful and frequently fought the war, which enraged The Avengers, who, despite their desire for him to stay a member, recognized his shortcomings. Even though Namor would eventually bond with King T’Challa, contemporary comics depicted Namor as waging war on Wakanda in a struggle for supremacy among regents.

Most of his reckless behaviour was ultimately motivated by ego, a narcissistic trait the Fantastic Four are all too familiar with. The Phoenix ultimately formed a link with him because of his desire for power, further demonstrating the fact that he occasionally had less-than-altruistic goals.

Black Panther 2’s Namor Never Experienced Humanity

Princess Shuri and Riri Williams are taken hostage by Namor’s warriors in Wakanda Forever to convince Shuri of the necessity of their attack on the surface dwellers. As they become close, he reveals that his tragic past dates back to the 16th century, when conquerors brought sickness to the Yucatán.

The majority of his people perished, but his mother, who was expecting, took part in a religious experiment. In their lands and oceans, a shaman discovered a plant that was infused with the vibranium’s mysterious properties. Believing that this combination would strengthen and heal them, he or she created it.

The human tribe changed into blue-skinned creatures that had to escape to the ocean’s depths to breathe. They eventually submerged their civilisation, becoming the Talokan Empire. Namor, who was born underwater, was made king and a Chosen One as part of the agreement.

He acquired various monikers thanks to his winged feet and acceptance of his mutant nature, but his most well-known was K’uk’ulkan or the Feathered Serpent God. When Namor’s mother passed away and requested to be buried above ground, his tribe discovered slavers and a horrifying scene of torture.

After they decimated an estate, Namor became more hardened and convinced Attuma and Namora to lead him in isolating his people for ages.  Even the artificial sun they employed in their culture was made of vibranium. However, after Riri’s vibranium detector is taken and the US government starts extracting resources from the ocean floor, Namor decides to act first.

Thus, Namor’s desire to launch his preemptive strike and intimidate stems from a more limited emotional issue rather than a global conflict or a desire for power. In the end, it’s all about protecting oneself, but Shuri won’t let innocent blood be shed, which makes Namor despise Wakanda just as much as he does the country’s outward appearance.

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