Two Plus-size Models Claim They Were Turned Away From A Los Angeles Lounge

Two Plus-size Models Denied Entry To Hollywood Nightclub: Two models in Los Angeles are pushing other curvaceous women to speak out against size discrimination after they said they have turned away from a well-known bar due to their appearance.

A friend’s birthday was last week, and Alexa Jay and Ella Halikas went to The Highlight Room to celebrate, according to their TikTok story, which was the first to tell this account’s tale. While waiting in line with other people who had also been invited to the party, Jay claimed she first noticed Halikas, a friend and fellow plus-size model.

When their group approached the entrance, the women claim everyone else was let in—but not them. According to Jay, who said that she felt ashamed and degraded, the bouncer gave them a thorough examination before telling them, “Not today.”

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It is the worst sensation imaginable, according to Halikas, to get ready and dress up and then feel so exposed that a man is evaluating you at the door to see if you are worthy of entering and having a drink or not.

The Highlight Room’s parent business, Tao Group Hospitality, stated in a statement that Jay and Halikas have been contacted about the event and that they are aware of it. “We always value comments on how we can improve, so please let us know if you have any concerns about how we conduct business.

No form of prejudice is tolerated at our workplace, the statement read. The manager offered to meet with them in person to discuss the situation, according to the woman, who claimed to have received a message from The Highlight Room with the general manager’s phone number attached.

That’s not enough, the women countered, though. In the aftermath of the incident, which Halikas referred to as “blatant discrimination against our size,” she said that no one spoke out on their behalf.

Being so well-liked online at the time stung, according to Halikas. “Even though I have nearly 600,000 followers on TikTok, no one says anything when something occurs in real life. Nobody is eager to defend you.

The models claimed that because this isn’t the first time they’ve experienced prejudice as plus-size women, they’ve chosen to share their experience online.

The hashtag #NotTonight was quickly adopted by the models’ fans as a bid to “reclaim the term” used by the bouncer and raise awareness of size discrimination after they shared a video about the event on TikTok.

“It doesn’t matter your ethnicity, your size, your sexual orientation if you have acne, whether you’re pretty if you’re ugly, it doesn’t matter,” Jay remarked. A few of their supporters sent them encouraging letters and shared personal anecdotes. As soon as people began to comment on their own, Jay and I took it further. The story is no longer simply ours.

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