Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Expansion Has Been Revealed – Here’s What’s New Coming

It’s finally here: we’ll get our first glimpse of Cantha! Yes, Guild Wars 2’s long-awaited third expansion, End of Dragons, is finally here. We’re holding our hopes for some information on the launch. We have more exciting news for you. We can now check out aspects of the expansion, a new video, storyline and location details, elite specialized beta material, and interviews with the development team. Isn’t it amazing?

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Release Date and Price

The virus has presented challenges for several developers, including ArenaNet, which delayed the long-awaited release of Guild Wars 2 on Steam last year to focus on the huge End of Dragons expansion, which is due by the end of this year. Then that was postponed till early next year as well. We officially have a release date now.  

The classic edition of the expansion, which will offer $30/£26, will be released in February 2022, with something like a handful of amazing editions obtainable with numerous additives. If you’re feeling particularly frisky, you can also purchase a $120 plastic dragon statue. 

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Settings

Maybe the number of dragons is about to alter in End of Dragons, which brings new gameplay features, and the Cantha region, which is the latest iteration of a location from the original Guild Wars expansion Clans. 

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons

It’s a lovely location, and if you want to get a feeling of how it’s evolved between the two games, attempt to figure out which one is which. End of Dragons is set in Cantha, a “multi-ethnic land of magic that is home to the oldest human nation in all of Tyria,” according to ArenaNet. This location previously appeared in Guild Wars Factions in 2006. However, it has since been closed off in Guild Wars 2.

For those who haven’t heard of Guild Wars 2, it’s a fantastic MMO that has PCG’s Phil licking his lips at the mere mention of Mordremoth. There are quite a few dragons in this area- I mean more than you could think. Because Cantha is a water-rich province, the expansion sets up player skiffs for traversal and fishing. You can fish in Guild Wars 2, which is one of the MMO exercises we all look forward to.

Take a note of the specs…

The Siege Turtle, the game’s first multiplayer mount, is introduced in End of Dragons. This can accommodate two riders, allowing for cooperative play. Fishing makes its debut in Guild Wars 2 for the first time. A new ‘elite’ specialization will be introduced for each of the nine professions. Basically, a different skill path and playstyle are concentrated all over an exclusive weapon. Beginning on August 17 and proceeding through November, these will be trialed in beta activities. There are also heavy tools, strike operations (10-player mini-raids), and masteries (the end-game progression system).

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Trailer

Even though Guild Wars 2’s End of Dragons expansion has been postponed, we’ve now seen a first look at what is to show up. End of Dragons was previewed in a Livestream by ArenaNet, which revealed the land of Cantha, some of the new content coming, and the pre-order versions available. Guild Wars 2’s new location appears unique from those created in The Icebrood Saga, based on the uncovered trailer and screenshots shown below. While still perplexed, this time around, the landscape is tranquil, with cherry blossoms, intricately carved high rises, and containers that appear to be inspired by east Asian architectural design and areas.

Check it out here!

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