Great Pretender Season 3 Renewal and Release Date Status update

Recently Netflix has released many top-tier animes, and they are not stopping anytime soon due to the exceptional response these Anime series are getting. In 2020 Netflix released ‘Great Pretender,” and currently, the anime has 2 seasons. Despite its exceptional storyline, it remains a hidden gem. If you’ve already watched Great Pretender’s second season and want to know more about the Great Pretender Season 3. Then you are in the right place because this article includes all the latest updates regarding the anime’s third season!

The anime explores the genres of comedy and crime. The deadly combo will keep you hooked! And if you’re an anime lover, then this show must be on the list. Great Pretender is a Japanese TV series that showcases a series of well-planned heists.

The main plot revolves around Makoto Edamura, who follows a man named Laurent Thierry all the way from Tokyo to Los Angeles. The man he follows is a thief who lures Makoto to come to LA. Laurent then forces Makoto to sign a fake drugs deal with a famous film producer to steal all his money. Each new episode offers suspenseful and thrilling content, which will surely make you fall in love with the series.

Now let’s discuss the third installment of Great Pretender!

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Great Pretender Season 3 Release Date

Great Pretender’s third season has not been greenlit by Netflix yet. Naturally, we don’t have a release date for the upcoming season either.

But the anime ended on a cliffhanger, so one more season is needed to address all the unanswered queries of fans. But the streaming site is yet to give a green signal to the showrunners for the third season. However, if we look at the anime’s popularity, the series is quite famous, so Netflix won’t shy away from expanding the franchise by one more installment.

Moreover, Hiro Kaburagi has shown interest in the third season as, according to him, fans deserve a proper ending. This is why we are confident for the third season of Great Pretender!

Great Pretender Season 3


As the story will be told in continuity, expect the same characters to come back in the third season. The following list consists of all the potential characters and their voice-actors:

  • Makoto Edamura (voice of Chiaki Kobayashi)

Commonly known by his nickname “Edamame,” he used to be a poor con-man. Somehow he partners with Laurent, which marks the beginning of his illegal career!

  • Laurent Thierry (voice of Junichi Suwabe)

He is a gentleman thief who loves tricking rich people and leeching them off all their money! But he is a charming man to all his comrades and Dorothy, a girl he loves.

  • Abigail Jones (voice of Natsumi Fujiwara)

She is an orphaned woman who works for Laurent as his second-in-command. She is a powerful athlete due to her traumatic past.

  • Cynthia Moore (voice of Mie Sonozaki)

She also works for Laurent and uses her attractive looks to lure targets.

  • Kudo (voice of Yōhei Tadano)

Another member of Laurent’s gang.

  • Dorothy (voice of Yuka Komatsu)

She is Laurent’s ex-lover. It was shown that she died, but it was revealed that somehow she survived in the last episode.

Other supporting characters are also expected to return. Depending on the storyline, there might be a few more additions to the cast members in the 3rd installment of Great Pretender.


The final epilogue changed the trajectory of the entire anime! It also hinted at the third season. But there are multiple storylines that the writers can continue with, so the plot solely depends on them!

The upcoming season is going to be very intense! There will be a lot of tension between the characters. In the second season, Laurent became US President’s bodyguard, and his actions will make the base plot of the following season.

Most likely, the heist will revolve around the President and how Laurent will trick him. Moreover, as Dorothy is alive, Laurent and her reunion will definitely make your eyes teary!

Edamura will also play a major part in the upcoming installment because he is the left hand of Laurent! Unfortunately, this is all that we can say about the 3rd installment because the official details aren’t out yet.

Trailer of Great Pretender Season 3

No, there is no footage for the 3rd installment yet. But it was rumored that the production of the anime had almost finished. If this news is true, then expect the trailer to release before 2021 ends!

So, that was all about the third season of Great Pretender. Keep checking the site for more updates!

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