Draymond Green Wife: Everything You Should Know About Her

Thanks to his hard work, perseverance, and dedication, Draymond Green has become the well-known and respected player we all know today. Basketball fans are well aware of his modest upbringing, journey to the NBA, and ascent to fame.

However, a lot of people are unaware that the 6’6″ power forward for the Golden State Warriors is a contented husband and father of three charming children. We shall take a glance at the life of Hazel Renee, Draymond Green’s other half and a well-known TV personality, in this post.

Draymond Green Wife

Draymond Green Wife
Draymond Green Wife

Popular American actress, recording artist, television personality, and social media presence Hazel Renee Joiner is also well-known for being the spouse of four-time NBA Champion Draymond Green. Hazel has had a great career in showbiz, but her husband’s accomplishments on the basketball floor are well known.

Hazel and Draymond’s Relationship

The connection between Draymond Green and Hazel Renee has been the focus of several rumors and conjectures in the past few years. The pair has spent five years together. Hazel disclosed that she first met Draymond in a theater class at Michigan State University in an interview with Essence.

Draymond and Hazel were both athletes. Draymond played basketball for the Spartans and led the team to four straight Big Ten Conference Championship berths while she was a member of the track and field squad. They both knew one another and clicked right away.

In 2018, Draymond appeared to confirm his relationship with Renee via an Instagram video, which astonished many when they made their first public appearance as a pair. The footage shows Hazel attending to Draymond’s one-year-old child at a Warriors game. Draymond Green and Hazel Renee have since spoken out more on social media about their love.

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Hazel and Draymond’s Kids

When their daughter Cash was born in December 2020, it was the biggest turning point in their relationship. The pair also has two children from other relationships: Olive Jay is Hazel’s child from her former relationship, and Draymond “D.J.” Green Jr. is Draymond’s son from his previous relationship.

All things considered, it’s evident that Hazel Renee and Draymond Green have put a lot of effort into leading responsible lives. The couple continues to be well-liked public personalities who serve as role models for people in a variety of industries, including acting, music, and sports, thanks to their numerous achievements.

They are undoubtedly dedicated to maintaining a positive relationship for many years to come, given that they have two adorable children together. See the tweet for more details:

Draymond Green Wife Net Worth

The range of $2 to $3 million is considered to be Hazel Renee’s net worth. Her popularity as a recording artist, and television actress, and from other sponsorship deals are some of the sources of her wealth. Hazel starred in several episodes of the highly regarded FOX TV drama series Empire.

Hazel got her start in show business competing in beauty pageants, most famously winning the title of National American Miss Teen Michigan. She has also posed for the top 100 editions of Smooth Magazine and Smooth Girl.

Later, she made the switch to acting and was able to pursue roles as a reality TV star and television host. Her charm and skill have earned her roles on some television programs, including Basketball Wives and The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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