Did Mgk Cheat On Megan Fox? Where Did Those Rumors Come From?

Fans are questioning who MGK cheated on Megan Fox with and whether it was his guitarist, Sophie Lloyd, after she alluded to infidelity in an Instagram photo with the words, “You can taste the dishonesty / it’s all over your breath,” from a Beyonce song. After dating for just over a year, Fox and Kelly declared their engagement in January 2022.

The announcement was posted to social media by Fox, who stated, “In July of 2020 we sat under this banyan tree. “We requested magic. We were unaware of the suffering we would endure together in such a quick, frantic time. We were intoxicated by the love and unaware of the work and sacrifices the relationship would demand of us. as well as karma.

Somehow, a year and a half later, after we had through hell together and had laughed more than I could have ever imagined, he proposed to me. We drank each other’s blood after I answered yes, just as I had in every lifetime prior to this one and in every lifetime to come. 1.11.22 .” Fox, however, removed all traces of their relationship from Instagram on February 12, 2023, and subsequently erased her account entirely a few hours later. Here’s how she answered the allegations of cheating.

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Who Did MGK Cheat On Megan Fox With?

Who Did Mgk Cheat On Megan Fox? Although his adultery has not been proved, his musician Sophie Lloyd is believed to be the likely suspect by his supporters. Prior to deleting her Instagram account, Fox posted one more image in which she could be seen appearing to burn some messages. He probably got with Sophie,” a fan wrote in a comment on the post, suspecting that Baker might have cheated on Fox with his musician Sophie Lloyd. Fox joked, “Maybe I got with Sophie,” adding a flaming emoji to his response.

Who Did MGK Cheat On Megan Fox With?
Who Did MGK Cheat On Megan Fox With?

The false rumors were referred to as “disrespectful” by Lloyd’s management. “Sophie Lloyd is a professional, experienced singer who has been needlessly dragged into the public based off of meritless charges made via social media,” her team claimed in a statement provided to Page Six. Any allegations that she ever behaved impertinently or ended their relationship are unfounded. Any other information is poor journalism and social criticism, and it is demeaning to her as a female artist.

Where Did The Rumors That MGK Cheated on Megan Fox Come From?

The rumors seem to have begun on February 12th, Sunday. On her Instagram feed, Fox posted a collection of images, one of which showed an envelope on fire. She used lines from Lemonade, Beyoncé’s 2016 album, as her caption for the picture. These described the singer’s experience of her husband Jay-infidelity: Z’s You can smell the dishonesty in your breath, according to the song. After that, Fox deleted all of the pictures of Kelly from her feed and unfollowed her fiance. She then followed Harry Styles, Timothée Chalamet, and his adversary Eminem.

Fox removed all of the content from her Instagram account some hours later. Her page still appears to be disabled as of this writing. One admirer claimed Kelly was disloyal on Fox’s final post before she deactivated her account, according to their Instagram account @commentsbycelebs: “He definitely got with Sophie.” “Maybe I got with Sophie,” Fox wrote, accompanying a flaming emoji.

According to Cosmopolitan, Kelly’s British guitarist Sophie Lloyd is the “Sophie” identified in the remarks. With her lover Christopher Painter, she has been in a relationship for five years. On Valentine’s Day, Lloyd shared a romantic photo of herself and her longtime girlfriend on her Instagram Story, perhaps in response to the rumours swirling about her. Fans are now tweeting frequently about Kelly’s supposed infidelity, despite the fact that Fox, once again, has never confirmed this took place.

Twitter user @MGK wrote: “How you going to have anything like that and CHEAT world is insane. What is with males Cheating on the most gorgeous women to ever live, jay-z with Beyoncé and now MGK with Megan Fox.” Another query was: “M.G.K. betrayed Megan Fox. How about? Why? What party? How is cheating currently so accepted? Why won’t he simply end things? Why are these people acting this way?”

So, it would seem that just one comment on Fox’s Instagram was the source of the Machine Gun Kelly cheating claims. Together with her social media activity, this has incited unwarranted hysteria among her followers. Regarding the dramatized pair, People stated that Fox had taken off the engagement ring she had been given in January 2022. That it was intended to injure Fox if she ever took it off was confirmed by the couple. They haven’t canceled the engagement, though.

The Daily Mail in the United Kingdom published pictures of the pair outside a marriage treatment centre on Monday. Fox was observed appearing upset as she left the premises and left with Kelly in a different car. Then, on Tuesday, TMZ released images of the pair together in Kelly’s car, giving followers optimism that the couple’s romance was still alive.

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