Todd Chrisley Twisted and Dark Divorce from His First Wife Before He Goes to Prison

Teresa Terry, Todd Chrisley’s first wife, realized as she walked down the aisle with him in 1990 that their hasty marriage was a bad choice, what with both of them being so young (19 and 21). has uncovered that in the bombshell divorce papers filed by the soon-to-be-incarcerated Chrisley Knows Best star’s underage wife, she claims that she had no idea of the alleged violence and fear that was to follow.

The high school sweethearts and future parents of Lindsie and Kyle reportedly turned into bitter enemies by 1994. “He likes to control his environment,” Teresa said. Ex-wife of Todd: “I had two small children [but] at home everything had to be picture-perfect; your hair always had to be fixed and you had to be dressed to the 10s.” Additionally, she stated that she had a rise in anxiety.

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Terry claimed that her husband “wielded a knife threatening to kill her” and “tore all of her clothes, including her underwear, off her body and assaulted her using his closed fists” two years before she filed a “prevention of family violence” injunction against him. Despite the restraining order preventing Todd from coming within 1,000 feet of Teresa or their children, Teresa soon filed for divorce, claiming she “fears for her life” and asking for a restraining order to prevent her estranged husband from “harassing, harming, [or] vilifying” her or their children.

Teresa also claimed that he had cheated on her with his current wife, Julie, and provided details about the alleged trysts, including specific dates and locations. Todd retaliated in a typical manner by stating, “vehemently and absolutely denying [handling Teresa] brutally,” and he successfully battled for shared custody of their children. Teresa said, “You just cannot understand how vengeful he can be,” implying that he was a time bomb despite his reality TV stardom.


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Following his conviction for bank fraud totaling $30 million and tax evasion committed in concert with Julie, Todd is preparing for his time behind bars. On January 17, the married reality TV stars will effectively become prison inmates. The father of the Chrisley family will spend the next 12 years of his life in FPC Pensacola, where he will likely spend his days cleaning the toilets of the jail for a wage of 12 to 40 cents.

Despite the fact that his new wife will be stationed at a facility over two hours away, has learned exclusively that Todd and Julie will still be able to speak while he is behind bars. Up until then, they’re relying on support from loved ones, faith, and counseling as they prepare to enter prison.

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