Cory Fleming, Disbarred South Carolina Lawyer, Sentenced to 3 Years and 10 Months in Prison

The former lawyer from South Carolina who admitted to planning financial crimes with Alex Murdaugh was given a sentence of over four years in federal prison.

Additionally, Cory Fleming will be required to pay fines of $20,000 and more than $102,000 to the affected victims.

Attempting not to cry, The Satterfield and Pinckney families, who were both present in court, received an apology from Cory Fleming on behalf of the individuals Alex Murdaugh and he stole from. The wife, two children, and parents of Fleming remained emotionless throughout.

The longstanding former Beaufort attorney took responsibility for his acts inside the courthouse before beginning his almost four-year sentence.

Fleming claims he has no right to ask for forgiveness and that stealing millions of dollars from helpless clients is entirely his fault. Following his explanation, Fleming’s kid gave him a tearful hug.

The tweet below confirms the news:

Former Lawyer Cory Fleming Pardoned by Victims in Court

Then his victims started talking. After the hearing, WTOC spoke with them.

“I just pray that God give Cory Fleming the strength to get through what he gotta go through, just as well as me and my family god give us strength to go through what we gotta go through as well as the Satterfield family,” said Pamela Pinckney.

After the hearing, her attorney also gave his opinion.

“I do not believe that he’s remorseful for what he did to Ms. Pinckney and the Satterfields. I think that he’s sad he’s where he’s at,” said Attorney Justin Bamberg.

According to the lead prosecution, the goal of this case is to dissuade other attorneys from engaging in similar client money theft to Fleming.

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“Our hope is that through Mr. Fleming’s example others who are otherwise upstanding members of society will take his example and say no,” said lead prosecutor Emily Limehouse.

Both groups of victims pardoned the former lawyer in court… Ms. Pinckney turned to face him and met his eyes directly.

WTOC questioned her about her emotions at that pivotal time.

“I just still have love for him, in spite of the circumstance and situation I still have love. Love conquers all.”

However, the sentence that the lawyer will receive falls within the lower range of the recommendations for these offenses. Fleming will serve less than the maximum five-year sentence that he might have gotten.

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