Candace Cameron Bure’s Christmas Movies Won’t Contain LGBTQ Love Tales

Candace Cameron Bure’s Christmas Movies Won’t Contain LGBTQ Love Tales: Bure anticipates that the Great American Family, her new holiday network home, will retain “traditional marriage at the foundation” of new holiday movies. No time soon, Candace Cameron Bure’s Christmas Movies won’t make the holidays gay.

The ex-Hallmark actress, Full House alum, and purportedly rudest celebrity JoJo Siwa has ever encountered revealed to the Wall Street Journal that her new position at the Great American Family channel would include a schedule of Candace Cameron Bure’s Christmas movies that won’t centre on LGBTQ love stories.

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The 46-year-old responded negatively when asked if same-sex couples would appear as stars in GAF’s following TV film projects. “I think Great American Family will preserve conventional marriage at the centre,” the actor told the outlet.

Bill Abbott, the CEO of Great American Media, claimed that “spiritual or faith-based content is badly underserved” in Hollywood in the same article and attempted to clarify whether or not his network would incorporate queer narratives in its holiday programming.

We are aware of the trends because 2022 has here. There is no visible whiteboard that indicates “Yes, this” or “No, we won’t go here.” Bure’s representatives did not instantly react when EW asked them for comment.

Having played many prominent roles on the channel’s Christmas schedule, the actress previously fronted a career renaissance as one of Hallmark’s top rom-com actresses. She moved to GAF in April after quitting the network.

Bure told the Journal she was changing because “my heart wants to write stories that have more meaning, purpose, and depth behind them.” I was aware that the people behind Great American Family were Christians who loved the Lord and wanted to support family-friendly entertainment and faith-based programming.

Candace Cameron Bure’s Christmas Movies will probably not have any LGBTQ characters, but on December 11, Hallmark will release The Holiday Sitter. This film is exclusively about a same-sex pair and stars Jonathan Bennett (Mean Girls) and George Krissa.

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