Brittany Snow Divorce: Why Did She Filed For Separation From Husband Tyler?

Brittany Snow is divorcing “Selling the OC” star Tyler Stanaland after calling it quits. According to People, the “Pitch Perfect” star submitted the necessary paperwork on Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Snow, 36, filed for divorce because of “irreconcilable differences” four months after the couple had announced their separation.

Brittany Snow Divorce

Snow and Stanaland posted identical comments on Instagram in September: “After time and contemplation, Tyler and I have made the painful decision to separate.” We made this choice out of respect and affection for one another. They went on, “We have recognized the need to take time to ensure that we are living our most fulfilling and honest lives.

We’ve been best friends from the beginning of our adventure, and it’s something that we and Charlie, the dog, will always value above everything else. After thanking their fans, Snow and Stanaland requested some space to “manage this new chapter” in their lives.

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What Caused The Couple’s Divorce?

It’s possible that Stanaland’s time on “Selling the OC” contributed to tensions in the marriage. Page Six has an anonymous source who says that Snow was unhappy with Stanaland’s participation in the presentation. Stanaland is a third-generation realtor at The Oppenheim Group, and the firm was made famous by the TLC series “Selling Sunset.”

His family has roots in both Laguna Beach and the real estate industry. Stanaland was born into a family of competitive surfers; both of his parents had extensive experience in the sport. The Blast also previously alleged that Stanaland went out drinking with his reality TV costars Alex Hall and Polly Brindle after he and Snow announced their split.

In 2018, they first connected through mutual friends and online platforms. People report that their mutual acquaintances immediately saw how well they would get along. He asked her via Instagram DM, and their first date involved tacos and tequila. According to Stanaland, they were head over heels for one another and eventually tied the knot in 2019.

Stanaland Reflects On Health Struggles

In addition to the news of his divorce and separation, Stanaland recently shared his health issues with followers on Instagram. He recalled how he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2012 and how two operations ultimately saved his life. The author Stanaland stated, “A reminder that health is wealth.

Above all else, a call to spend as much time as possible doing what brings you joy in the company of those you care about. To put life into perspective in a manner only something like that can, Stanaland wrote, “I’ve always felt getting sick was the best worst thing that ever happened to me.”

Finally, he said, “But settling into the unfamiliar is where the real magic begins. Occasionally, life may throw you a curveball that will force you to take things a little more slowly than you might like. And sometimes that’s precisely what you need because that’s where the magic happens.

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