Nam Laks Family Net Worth: Who Is The Richest In Bling Empire?

Many people have wondered how the stars of Netflix’s “Bling Empire: New York” can afford the lavish lifestyle they portray living on the show. While it is a well-established fact that most, if not all, in the series are specialists in their various industries, one cannot help but question exactly how wealthy this specific set of very successful Asian-Americans is. If you are thinking about the same issue, worry not since here is our sorted list of just how rich the show’s cast is. Consequently, why don’t we investigate it together?

The Beginnings of Nam Laks’ Bling Empire

Nam is said to have been born in early February 1994 as the third child of Thai business tycoon Nakorn Laksanakarn and his choice, loving companion, but she has never been a typical Thai woman. She did her preliminary academic groundwork at Harrow International School, Woldingham School, and International School Bangkok before settling on Manchester for her Bachelor of Arts degree.

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As soon as her father made it clear that he wanted her to get a Master’s degree in coaching, she enrolled at the Spirituality Mind Body Institute-College Teacher’s at Columbia University in New York. While explaining how close her family is, Nam said in the Netflix authentic, “This is one of my dad’s major things, like, he really loves when his children graduate.”

Being the youngest of her family’s children, she admitted openly, “I am absolutely daddy’s little girl, although my dad doesn’t always spoil me.” It’s possible to convince dad to agree by following a series of steps.

The truth is that she moved to New York because she felt the need to break free of her sheltered background and her comfort zone, both of which she did gradually through the help of her new friends. Nam’s newfound freedom did not manifest itself monetarily in any way; she did not learn to control her wasteful spending, and she did not supplement her income with a part-time job.

She lived in the posh Latham Hotel, made unnecessary purchases of expensive brand name clothing, and had a personal stylist who made her look great for all of her special occasions and classes. Therefore, her family suggested her father was contemplating slicing her off at graduation if she didn’t stand on her own two feet in New York; the different option was to return to Thailand.

Nam Laks Family Net Worth In 2023

In this article, you will find all information about ”Nam Laks Family Net Worth 2023”.

Nam Laks Family Net Worth 2023
Nam Laks Family Net Worth 2023

Nam Laks Family Net Worth

Nam Laks, who comes from a wealthy business family in Thailand, was introduced in the first season as a student at Columbia University. As of this writing, she appears to be back in Thailand with her family. Nam appears to be enthusiastic about investigating several career avenues in search of the one that best suits her. We now presume that her wealth lies in the region of $100,000.

Richard Chang – $2.5 Million

Richard Chang quickly advanced to his current position after graduating from NYU Stern School of Business with degrees in Finance, Marketing, and Photography. In September 2006, he joined FTI Consulting as a Forensic and Litigation Consultant. He was Calvin Klein’s Director of Merchandise Planning.

Richard opened his fast-casual taco restaurant Un Poco Loco in August 2017. The reality star remains the company’s Advisor after leaving. He is Hudson Medical + Wellness’s Chief Growth Officer and proud of his life’s accomplishments. Richard Chang is estimated to be worth $2.5 million.

Tina Leung – $4.5 Million

Tina Leung discovered her love of fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology after attending Bates College and Bristol University. She became a talented stylist after training with numerous hairdressers. She started as a stylist for Prestige Hong Kong magazine and worked hard to advance., her 2011 fashion blog, was her genuine calling. She gained a huge Instagram following. She has worked with Valentino, Prada, Chanel, etc. Considering these criteria, Tina Leung’s net worth is roughly $4.5 million.

Blake Abbie—$5 Million

Blake Abbie is a respected publisher with a solid background in literature (particularly German) and music. He has edited and produced magazines in London and Paris. Since January 2013, Blake has freelanced as an editor and creative consultant. In January 2014, he became Editor At Large at A Magazine Curated By. Considering his experience, Blake Abbie’s net worth is roughly $5 million.

Lynn Ban—$6 Million

Lynn Ban is noted for her bold style. She runs Lynn Ban Jewelry, a successful jeweller that sells consumer accessories. While her husband, Jett Kain, helps her run the business, Lynn designs. She has styled Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Beyoncé, who love her unique looks.

She also assists the US Genki Sushi franchise since 1996. Lynn’s father founded the Singapore and Hong Kong-based corporation. Given these criteria, Lynn Ban’s net worth is $6 million.

Dorothy Wang – $10 Million

Dorothy Wang knows business from her father, infrastructure tycoon Roger Wang. She founded various enterprises, including Fabuluxe, a jewellery brand, and Rich and Bubbly (a champagne company). She was a real estate agent with The Agency until recently, but she no longer works there.

She has nearly a million Instagram followers. She also blogs about her trips to Tokyo, Miami, Amsterdam, and more. Dorothy Wang may be worth $10 million due to her many career endeavours.

Deborah Hung – $400 Million

Deborah Hung, also known as Deborah Valdez-Hung, is Stephen Hung’s wife and a beautiful model who studied law before meeting him at a Hong Kong performance. One of the most successful women in fashion, the Mexico-born fashionista owns Dreamodels, a Hong Kong modelling business with amazing potential.

Deborah is frequently invited to Versace, Dior, and other fashion week presentations because to her work. The Hungs’ $2 billion net fortune is remarkable in the Netflix series’ first season. Deborah Hung’s work accomplishment puts her net worth over $400 million.

Stephen Hung – $450 Million

Stephen Hung, one of New York’s wealthiest bankers, tops this list. Stephen attended Columbia University and USC. The finance specialist was ready for the world with his MBA. He was Merrill Lynch Asia’s Co-Head of Investment Banking, eSun Holdings’ Vice Chairman, and Lippo Group’s AcrossAsia Limited’s Non-Executive Director.

Stephen’s Louis XII Holdings Limited resort in Macau, China, failed. He is the chairman of The Taipan Investment Group and Vice-Chairman of Rio Entertainment Group, among other important financial positions. We estimate Stephen Hung’s net worth at $450 million based on his several income streams.

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