Brian Gillis Cause of Death: “Dies at Age 47”

The singer and LFO co-founder Brian Gillis has passed away. Brad Fischetti, a former bandmate, shared the news on social media yesterday (March 30). The cause of death for 47-year-old Gillis has not been determined. According to Fischetti’s Instagram post, “the first two chapters of the LFO tale lost a main character yesterday.”

“Brizz” Gillis, who was a musician, died. I don’t know the specifics and it isn’t my position to divulge them even if I did. I find it difficult to comprehend this awful loss. My relationship with Brian was complicated, he continued. There were times of immense tribulation as well as times of great joy.

He taught me a lot about the music industry and how to organize and rock a gig. And I’ll always rely on those components of our relationship that are good. Together with Fischetti and the late Rich Cronin, Gillis founded the Massachusetts boy band LFO in 1995. Four years later, in 1999, the group—whose name was an acronym for “Lyte Funkie Ones”—made their debut.

Brian Gillis Cause of Death: "Dies at Age 47"

Due to its refrain, “I prefer females that wear Abercrombie & Fitch,” the trio’s most well-known song, “Summer Girls,” was frequently referred to as “The Abercrombie & Fitch song” on the 13-track album. See the track down below. Late in the 1990s, Devon Lima took Gillis’ place in the group. The new lineup then proceeded to put out one more album, titled “Life Is Good,” before taking a break in 2002.

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The group briefly reformed in 2009, and co-founder Cronin died in 2010. Lima and Fischetti later reunited in 2017 and released a new song called “Perfect 10,” however this reunion was also brief because Lima died the following year. Fischetti wrote in the essay, “I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it; the LFO Story is a tragedy.

“If you are aware of what I’ve been up to, you are aware that I am attempting to shed light on the shadows. Attempting to gain atonement via hardship and agony. attempting to preserve the legacy.  “I am aware that Rich and Devin will welcome Brizz soon, if not already. And I’m hoping they’ll all come together to create some lovely sounds. I truly would enjoy that.

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Upon the news of his passing, several fans left condolence comments on Fischetti’s article while also describing the influence the singer had on them. “Unbelievable! Life is far too fleeting. Brizz was cool! One person remarked, “Prays going out to his friends and family. I heard the news last night, and I’m still processing it, said another. I’m speechless right now. To you, my buddy, with love.

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