Monster The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Season 2: Everything We Know

When Jeffrey Dahmer’s portrayal by Evan Peter in 2022 attracted the public’s attention, Ryan Murphy’s Monster seasons 2 and 3 will each center on a different serial killer. With the enormous success of Monster season 1, it makes sense that Netflix quickly ordered Monster season 2.

There are numerous topics to discuss, such as what will change following Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story when Monster season 2 would air, and what it might be about. When Evan Peters won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Limited Series or TV Movie for his work in Monster, the 2022 production received even more recognition for his outstanding performance.

The Netflix biographical series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story follows the life of Jeffrey Dahmer (Evan Peters), a notorious serial murderer who murdered, severed, cannibalized, and assaulted several of his 17 confirmed victims. Netflix decided to double renew Monster even though it has been dogged by controversy due to its great popularity.

The crimes committed by the serial killer were examined considerably more thoroughly in Monster, which also detailed several of them in real-time. There are several strong indicators about Monster season 2’s future, even though not many specifics are presently known.

Monster The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Season 2: Everything We Know

The Latest Monster Season 2 News

The announcement that Monster season 2 will be an anthology series is the most noteworthy. Monster season 2 won’t center on Dahmer once more; rather, it will recount the tale of another infamous serial murderer in a structure that is probably similar to season 1. Similar to American Crime Story, season 2 and season 3 of Monster will each present a completely separate story with different actors.

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The decision to make Monster season 2 an anthology had a significant impact on the program because it opened up the possibility of an almost unlimited number of seasons focused on the uncountable number of serial killers that have existed throughout history. While Monster season 2 is expected to tell a completely different plot, this does not necessarily mean that the series will lose its lead star.

Evan Peters has experience with anthology television, having participated in more than 10 seasons of Ryan Murphy’s hugely popular American Horror Story. Peters is undoubtedly one of Murphy’s chosen groups of talent, even though Monster is undoubtedly a different kind of project for the actor. Depending on which serial killer Monster season 2 would center around, Peters might play a supporting part rather than another one.

Monster Season 2 Is Confirmed

Peter Friedlander, the head of television for Netflix, expressed his excitement about continuing to work on Ryan Murphy’s Monster. Friedlander expressed his excitement for both Monster season 2 and the upcoming season of Murphy’s The Watcher, which was also renewed.

In December 2023, Friedlander told Variety, “I can’t announce anything now, but I do think there’s genuine enthusiasm around the relationship to produce those stories.” Murphy’s contract with Netflix expires in 2023, which adds a little bit of complexity.

Monster Season 2 Release Date Prediction

Although there is no official release date for Monster season 2, several assumptions can be formed based on surrounding information. If Monster season 2 followed the same pattern as Ryan Murphy’s other similar show, American Crime Story, which publishes a new season every two to three years, season 2 might not air until 2024 or 2025.

However, due to the popularity of the original Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and the ensuing discussions, Netflix is likely looking to cash in on the success, which implies that season 2 of Monster will probably be released in 2023. Setbacks are always possible, though. First of all, it’s unclear if the second season of Monster’s story has been fully completed.

The fact that Monster will examine “monstrous figures that have touched society” suggests that other figures outside serial killers may also be featured, which may have a significant impact on the scope of the series. Ryan Murphy to leads a highly hectic life. While seasons of series like American Horror Story are released on time, American Crime Story has far more erratic release dates. In light of this, Monster has a short turnaround in 2023, so placing a wager on early 2024 would be safer.

The cast of Monster Season 2

Evan Peters might not want to return just soon after his experiences filming season 1 even if Ryan Murphy may want his favorite performer to return in some capacity for Monster season 2. It appears that the actor had a difficult time after taking on the part, as both Peters and Murphy have openly revealed their difficulties with filming the highly dark true-crime thriller (via Variety).

According to reports, Peters was highly committed to portraying Jeffrey Dahmer accurately and stayed in character during production. In hindsight, Ryan Murphy acknowledged that he was apprehensive to cast Peters because he was aware of how demanding filming could be. It was an athletic way of approaching the performance, Murphy reflected.

“It was like running a marathon. If you run a marathon, you eat a specific way. Evan Peters, who won the Golden Globe for his performance as Jeffrey Dahmer, went on to say that the process was “tough but seemed worth it.” Working with Murphy once more ultimately determined his choice, which led to his selection for the role. This does not ensure that he will play the lead role in Monster season 2.

Peters declared, “I’m going to take a short sabbatical from heavier roles and explore the light.” The actor had to change his body on top of the emotional and psychological challenges he endured. Evan Peters, the star of AHS, reportedly had to start a new diet to shed 15 pounds before the first season.

Therefore, when the serial killer became interested in fitness, he had to start working out to match Dahmer’s body (during Monster episode 3). Last but not least, Evan Peters put on 20 extra pounds as a result of Dahmer’s incarceration. Evan Peters’ portrayal in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story won’t be easily forgotten, even though he may not want to return for Monster season 2.

Monster Season 2 Plotline Details

There are many potential serial killers for Monster season 2, but some are more probable than others. Given that Ed Gein, a.k.a. the Plainfield Ghoul, was mentioned in Monster season 1, the killer appears to be a viable contender. John Wayne Gacy, a prominent serial killer who is also addressed and depicted in season 1, is an additional choice.

Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes, a documentary already available on Netflix, reached the top 10 around the time of Monster season 1. The second season of Monster may focus on other serial killers who Netflix has already highlighted in their real crime programs, such as Edmund Kemper from Mindhunter. Serial killers have been a constant throughout history, so Netflix has a vast pool from which to draw when creating Monster season 2.

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The notorious Ted Bundy is another significant figure that Monster season 2 might explore. Although Bundy has been found guilty of the murders of more than 30 women, true crime experts think the real number of his victims may be closer to 100. With numerous Ted Bundy movies still available on Netflix, Bundy has been studied in great detail.

He was most recently represented by the eerie Luke Kirby in No Man of God, but Zac Efron is more well-known for playing him in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. But, Monster season 2 might take a different tack by examining female serial killers like Aileen Wuornos. Among the group of female serial killers, Wuornos is undoubtedly the most well-known; her life was documented in the film Monster, which also stars Charlize Theron.


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