Dax Tejera Cause Of Death: How Did He Passed Away?

Today we talk about Dax Tejera Cause Of Death. Dax Tejera was born in Miami, Florida, in the United States of America on January 24, 1985. His credits as a producer include Now with Alex Wagner (2011), Hate Rising (2016), and This Week. He passed away in 2016. Veronica was his ex-wife in a prior relationship.

“On December 23rd, after Dax had a medical emergency and fell, I rode in the ambulance with him to the hospital. I had a trusted friend and my folks check in on my kids at the hotel while I kept an eye on things from afar. My companion was unable to check in at the hotel, and the staff contacted the NYPD on him “according to the report.

“While I was at work, I set up two cameras to watch over my kids while they slept. The girls escaped unscathed, but I can see now that my actions were foolish.”Some awful calamity has befallen our family. Due to the fact that my children and I are still grieving Dax’s passing, I would appreciate your respecting our need for privacy at this time “That’s what Veronica wanted to add.

Dax Tejera Cause Of Death

He passed away on December 23, 2022, in Manhattan, which is located in New York City, New York, United States of America. According to the official accounts, Dax Tejera, an executive producer for This Week on ABC who passed away in December, suffocated to death while under the influence of alcohol.

Dax Tejera Cause Of Death
Dax Tejera Cause Of Death

According to the New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, who confirmed the information to PEOPLE, Tejera, who was 37 years old, passed away on December 23 from “asphyxia owing to obstruction of the airway by food bolus complicating acute alcohol intoxication.”

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According to the office’s findings, the death was an accident. Tejera’s cause of death was previously stated to be a heart attack in a message sent by ABC News president Kim Godwin and distributed to staff members in December. PEOPLE attempted to contact ABC News on Wednesday, but the network did not provide any further comment.

Dax Tejera Career

Tejera was well-known in his field as a journalist and producer for television. According to his biography on the professional networking website LinkedIn, Dax began working at NBCUniversal Media, LLC as a News Associate in August of 2007.

Later on in his career, he worked at NBCUniversal Media, LLC as a producer and as an overnight assignment editor. Dax collaborated with Jorge Ramos on the executive production of AMERICA at Fusion Media Network beginning in January 2013 and continuing through February 2017.

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He started working at ABC News in February 2017 and remained there for more than three years after being promoted to the position of Senior Producer.

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