Blacklist Season 10 Finale: When Does It Premiere?

If you’re a fan of The Blacklist, you’re probably wondering when Season 10 will start. The Blacklist is finally ending after a decade on the air and countless excellent James Spader speeches. Blacklist Season 10 of the critically acclaimed thriller series has been confirmed by NBC as the show’s last.

Showrunner and executive producer John Eisendrath stated, “After ten years, hundreds of Blacklist cases, and more than 200 episodes produced, we’re pleased to achieve our conclusion.” It’s been a blast coming up with new Blacklisters every week to test Raymond Reddington and our FBI Task Force.

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We want to express our gratitude to everyone at NBC and Sony, especially our amazing crew who made the unbelievable happen every day, our creative and tireless writers and producers, and our incredible cast who gave these characters life. We are grateful to our loyal audience for joining us on this fantastic journey, and we can’t wait to show them the show’s final season.

When does The Blacklist Season 10 Premiere?

The Blacklist Season 10 premieres on NBC on Sunday, February 26, at 10 p.m. ET. Before Red faces any previous Blacklisters in Season 10, he can catch up on the first nine seasons, all of which are available with a Netflix membership.

The Blacklist Has Been Losing Characters

While James Spader has been a consistent presence across The Blacklist season 10, the program has had to adapt to the deaths of several other prominent cast members and the characters they played. The Blacklist: Redemption, starring Ryan Eggold as Tom Keen, lasted only one season until he was killed off, while Mozhan Marnó left the show as Samar after Season 6. (although she returned as a guest in Season 9).

Specifically, Megan Boone’s departure from the show in Season 8 led to the show-changing death of Liz Keen. Finally, Amir Arison and Laura Sohn departed at the end of Season 9. However, Arison did leave the door open for a possible comeback. With so many cast members left in previous years, maybe it’s for the best that The Blacklist ends before more people are ready to go. In anticipation of Season 10, here is a sneak peek at what to expect:

I’m crossing my fingers that some of the performers who have left will be able to come back before the series ends. The Blacklist frequently uses flashbacks, so it’s not impossible that the program could find a way to feature Megan Boone should she choose to return. For the time being, viewers have only the launch of Season 10 to look forward to, which will also mark the beginning of the series conclusion. For further updates, visit our site,

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