Black Book: How To Beat The Demons In Gorodishensky Ravine

Black Book has to be one of the most challenging games in the horror genre. And one of its most difficult tasks is to beat the demons in Gorodishensky Ravine but not anymore! Because this guide below will teach you how to control these entities skillfully!

The impeccable gameplay has a variety of different locations, each taking their inspiration from the 1800s Europe. But there is one specific sinister place which is famous for being too difficult to pass through. The challenge is that you have to get your witch (Vasilisa) out of this possessed place. But the supernatural beings there make it a very hectic task. But a good strategy and a foolproof plan can take you out of the place in no time. And what is that plan? Continue reading the article to find that out!

Where is Gorodishensky Ravine located?

The place is located to the south of the Miller’s windmill. And from this point onwards you’ll have to follow the dot line to reach the desired place.

Black Book: How To Beat The Demons In Gorodishensky Ravine

But there are certain things which you must remember before heading out to the Ravine. Make sure that you have read the area’s description beforehand and that you have all the required stuff. Your witch should be completely healed because it will help you achieve the goal faster. Be careful in which deck you choose; an offensive one will prove to be more helpful!

Who are these demons?

These demonic entities are archenemies of our player, Vasilisa. And they will do anything in their capacity to stop her from crossing their area. Moreover, as they are very helpful this is the most challenging task that you will have to face. 

Description of the two demons in Gorodishensky Ravine

You’ll face 2 demons in the Ravine and both are polar opposites of each other. The first demon that you’ll face will be quite huge and powerful while the other one will be relatively smaller but equally threatening. However, these are just their outer appearances, their powers out shine all their terrific features.

The larger demon can destroy your player in one single blow but if correct cards are used, you can cause him maximum damage. Hence it is better to use the offensive deck here! The smaller demon will cause you harm with swipes however the damage is not as great as his other partner. 

How to beat the demons in Gorodishensky Ravine?

The most common mistake that the players make is that they try to fight off the smaller demon because he seems easier to defeat. But that is where they are wrong! Your first powerful attack should be reserved for the taller demon.

Black Book: How To Beat The Demons In Gorodishensky Ravine

If you’ll use your HP in fighting the smaller demon then you’ll waste your precious defensive cards. So save those offensive deck cards to defeat the night demon in 3 turns! And once he is defeated, target the smaller demon. The better strategy is to completely ignore the little demon because he can be beaten in the end too.

And this is how you beat the demons in Gorodishensky Ravine. So, all you need is to use your powers in the right place and not repeat the common mistakes players make!

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