5+ Celebrity Including Ariana Grande Lookalike That’ll Surprise You!

Paige Niemann, the Ariana Grande lookalike who has gone viral on TikTok, has angered the singer’s legion of devout followers.

In 2019, Paige became well-known on TikTok after she uploaded videos in which she impersonated Ariana using Cat Valentine’s voice. Due to the striking resemblance, she quickly became a TikTok sensation.

Also, check out the allegations that OnlyFans bribed Meta employees to falsely label rival creators as terrorists. Fans are worried that Paige’s banner and profile pictures will mislead people who aren’t familiar with the social media phenomenon now that she has opened her OnlyFans account.

Paige sports a ‘high ponytail,’ a la Ariana Grande, in the promotional photos for the site. Paige looks a lot like Ariana in person, but she puts on a lot of makeup to impersonate the singer. e account, they quickly began criticizing the TikTok star.

Rihanna Look Alike

Tik Toker Priscilla Beatrice, a 28-year-old imposter, is a better lookalike for Rihanna than the honest Rihanna herself. She stunned everyone when she recreated the singer’s look at the British Fashion Awards. Rihanna responded to her lookalike in her unique way, writing “where the album sis #R9” in the comment section of her Instagram photo.

Kate Middleton Look Alike

Heidi Agan used to work as a waitress, but now she’s famous for being a Kate Middleton double. At first, she didn’t see the similarities. However, as Kate’s fame developed, Heidi’s clientele began to bring out the obvious: the duchess-like resemblance between the two. Heidi finally gave in to their insistence and submitted her headshots to an agency. And ever since, she’s had no interest in returning to her previous career as a waitress.

Kendall Jenner Look Alike

Probably hundreds of people look like Kendall Jenner, but model Meghan Wiggins caught our eye. It was because of her that we had to take a second look. Stranger still, Meghan, like Kendall, counts the ultra-chic Gigi Hadid among her friends.

Channing Tatum Look Alike

Will Parfitt, 29, has a striking likeness to Magic Mike star Channing Tatum, and he’s just the latest famous lookalike to bewilder the public. On the other hand, Will’s existence most closely resembles that of Magic Mike. As a performer, he frequently updates his Instagram with video excerpts from his shows.

Taylor Swift Look Alike

TikTok is rife with celebrity lookalikes; among them, netizens identified April Gloria as a Taylor Swift lookalike. Neither can we explain why Taylor’s followers can’t get over the similarities between the two of them. The blonde hair, blue eyes, and pouty lips are all there for you to see.

Angelina Jolie Look Alike

There are many Angelina Jolie lookalikes, just as there are many people who resemble Zooey Deschanel. The Iranian model Sahar Tabar gained notoriety for the havoc she caused to her appearance after undergoing 50 operations.

It turned out that all of her heightened features were the product of some slick post-production editing and makeup. She was guilty of influencing Iran’s youngsters and given a 10-year sentence.

Chelsea Marr, who also resembles Angelina Jolie, became famous in 2015 after her photo went viral. She works in human resources in Scotland and can be seen above. The public’s recognition of her resemblance to Jolie led to numerous modeling offers, all of which she politely declined.

Jennifer Garner Look Alike

Hilary Swank is another well-known actress who resembles Jennifer Garner. The actresses are well aware that their similar appearances cause fans to confuse them.

Megan Fox Look Alike

This person looks even more like a famous person than a famous person! You should check this out for yourself. The original Megan Fox (left) and her German lookalike Irina (right) are Pictured here.

Ariana Grande Reached Out to Her TikTok Lookalike
Ariana Grande Reached Out to Her TikTok Lookalike

Ariana Grande Reached Out to Her TikTok Lookalike

Ariana Grande thinks highly of the person who resembles her, Paige Niemann. ET’s Katie Krause met with the 15-year-old Tik Tok star, best known as the singer’s doppelgänger who recreates her looks and scenarios, to talk about her transformations and the wonderful note Grande sent her.

I did it for fun at first, but now I do it virtually every day, Neimann said. The makeup application alone takes her nearly an hour and another 10 minutes to achieve her distinctive ponytail as the “Thank U, Next” singer. People haven’t confused her for Grande, but they have told her she looks like the old Nickelodeon star.

While Neimann is flattered by the attention her Tik Tok videos and Grande impersonation have received, she was taken aback when the accurate Grande herself reached out to her.

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